3 Ways to Get Pregnant Fast


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ways to get pregnant fastWhen couples come to see me one of the first things they ask is: “What are some ways to get pregnant fast and when can we start?” Speed seems to be of most importance. I had a client who planned her pregnancy with her work and holiday schedule. It would be great if your could plan your pregnancy the way you can plan your vacation, but nature has her age-old-cycles and rhythms which need to be respected and harnessed – if positive outcome is what you are after. Mother Nature never rushes, yet she effortlessly gives birth to trillions of flowers, plants, herbs and trees each spring.

We live in a cyclical world. Think about it. It starts with the diurnal cycle of day and night and extends to the four seasons. Women cycle each month with the cycles of the moon and the four weekly cycle of the month. Even our eggs and sperm are generated and matured in a four month cycle. Babies gestate during a 40 week cycle before they are fit to join this world. Even our planet, our galaxy and our universe have their cycles too. So it’s only natural to work with the cycle of life rather than trying to rush things in hope of fitting things into our schedule.

However there are ways you can get most of your natural cycles to get pregnant fast.

Here are three ways to get pregnant fast

  1. Your natural egg maturation and sperm generation cycle is 16 weeks long. During those sixteen weeks prior to conception you need to live and eat as if you are already pregnant. What babies don’t like, your egg and sperm cells won’t like either. Babies don’t like caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and certain foods such as raw fish (sashimi) and others. And anything that is designed to kill a parasite, an insect or a rodent is most certainly going to harm a microscopic egg and sperm cell or a fetus and stopping you from being able to get pregnant fast.
  2. Egg cells, sperm cells and fetuses are fast dividing cells. A bit like hair cells. When someone with cancer needs chemotherapy or radiation therapy their hair falls out because the therapy targets cells which replicate fast. Fast dividing and fast replicating cells have a certain frequency which is different to the frequency of other slower replicating cells. Similarly to chemo and radiation therapy, chemicals in our environment and radiation emitted from commonly used devices and household appliances can affect our eggs, sperm and embryos. Therefore it’s wise to limit your exposure to chemicals and electro magnetic radiation emitting devices when trying to get pregnant fast. If this is not possible you can shield yourself by wearing an EM shield such as this one.
  3. Researchers from Yale university discovered a hormone in the brain called MCH (melanin-concentrating hormone) which can simply switch off your reproductive system when calorie restriction is detected. This is because the body goes into negative energy (and nutrient) balance. MCH activates and temporarily shuts down reproduction. Scientists believe that the same hormone becomes active in obesity, depression and drug addiction. Again nature is clever – if your body is running on low energy (and nutrients), has too much body fat (and toxins stored in the fat) or is polluted with a drug (caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, recreational drug, pharmaceutical drug…) you constantly crave – it will temporarily shut down your reproductive function as your internal environment is not baby-friendly.

And yes, we all hear of youngsters drinking, smoking and doing drugs who get pregnant fast at the drop of the hat – but they are at the peak of their fertile years when their bodies are energy and hormone storehouses – things start to change after about 25 years of age. So don’t use this as an excuse not to change your habits as you will be relying on false assumptions.

In summary if you are looking for ways to get pregnant fast, look to Nature and respect your natural cycles. Don’t try to mess with Nature and interfere with her rhythms – she won’t like it and won’t take it lightly. But she will be more than happy to help you have the baby of your dreams when you help her re-establish her rhythms.

Has your life been flowing with the rhythms of nature or have you been living your life to the rhythm of a different drummer? Would love to hear from you!


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