Hormone Imbalance and Infertility

More and more doctors are learning about nutritional and environmental medicine. If you speak to one about your hormone imbalance and infertility they’ll often tell you that addressing underlying factors rather than using hormone replacement therapy (synthetic or bio-identical) is often a better way to achieve the perfect hormone balance for fertility with fewer side effects, sustained symptom relief and overall improved health.

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7 Ways on How to Increase Progesterone Naturally

elevated progesterone level

Article Overview What is Progesterone?How do Low Progesterone Levels Lead to Infertility?What Are the Symptoms of Progesterone Deficiency?7 Ways To Increase Progesterone NaturallyOther Ways To Naturally Increase Progesterone LevelsFoods That Increase Progesterone NaturallyZincMagnesiumVitamin B6It Is Possible To Increase Progesterone Naturally! Low progesterone is a primary cause of miscarriages. Since progesterone relates to miscarriage, women trying […]

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11 Step Fertility Cleanse

There is growing scientific evidence suggesting that exposure to various environmental factors both in utero and neonatally could dramatically affect adult fertility.

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Boosting Fertility 7 Ways Through Improved Sex

Getting scientific about sex in the name of procreation can take out all the fun out of making babies. Nature intended it to be fun and pleasurable. Orgasms are amazing immune boosters and stress busters. They do wonders for the pelvic region, infusing the area with fresh oxygen and nutrients.

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Coping With Emotional Effects of Infertility

emotional effects of infertility

Fears and negative emotions can pose a mental or physical block to pregnancy and as such you need to become aware of them.

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The Art of Timing Conception

When it comes to identifying your most fertile times many women are more than happy to swap their body’s wisdom for a gadget or a test kit. These gadgets and kits are not only expensive, but they also make you feel like you’d never be able to work this out yourself. Mother Nature thinks of everything and she even came up with a clever way of letting you know when you are most likely to get pregnant.

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Zinc and Fertility: The Most Important Mineral for Your Fertility

Article Overview What Is Zinc?Zinc and Fertility: Zinc for MenZinc and Fertility: Zinc Supplement for Women?More on Zinc Zinc and fertility go together like bees and honey. Zinc is the most important mineral and antioxidant in pregnancy and preconception. It is required for fetal growth and development of muscles and bones. It reduces the risk […]

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Milk and Infertility – Can Dairy Make You Infertile?


Some cheese with wine, an occasional ice cream, creamy pasta sauce, yoghurt and a glass of milk before bed… From childhood we were conditioned to love and eat this abundant food, yet 75% of us cant stomach it, literally. This can derail your fertility in more than one way.

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EM Radiation and Fertility – 10 Steps to Protect Your Eggs and Sperm

Modern technology allows us to defrost a chicken in no time, make a phone call in the middle of nowhere, and multitask into the wee hours of the morning on our beloved PC… while this may make our life easier and save us time, it is costing us our fertility, for these helpers all emit electromagnetic radiation which targets the eggs and sperm.

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What You Need To Know About Sperm Antibodies

antibody on sperm

She’s ovulating, doesn’t have any hormonal imbalances nor reproductive system disorders, and her partner’s sperm is normal. So why can’t they get pregnant?

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Natural Ways to Increase Fertility: Essential Fatty Acids

Imagine building a house without some of the essential materials. Well it simply wouldnt work, it would be leaky, drafty, insufficiently insulated, and would probably collapse during the first storm.

Our cells are no different to a house. They all have a blueprint (DNA) and are meant to be constructed according to the plan. However when the body makes a request for a particular nutrient to complete the cell construction, it gets a message that the reserves are empty or being held only for the key organs, needed to keep you alive.

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Don’t Greenwash Your Fertility With Endocrine Disruptors

chemicals and infertility

A lot of products we buy today claim to be environmentally friendly and natural. This is especially common in cosmetics, personal hygiene products and household cleaning products. They are the products which have been shown to be the main culprit in toxic chemical overexposure robbing you of your fertility.

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The Missing Link: Sleep and Fertility

Getting pregnant and growing a new human being requires a huge amount of spare nutrients and spare energy. In body’s accounting terms, pregnancy is a luxury, a splurge of energy and nutrients. Do you give your body enough rest and feed it enough nutrients? Sleep plays a major role in energy conservation, healing, metabolism, mental wellbeing, good memory, learning and you guessed it – fertility!

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Keep it Cool – Ways to Increase Sperm Count

Today we’ll have a better look at why seemingly trivial issues such as cotton vs. polyester underwear and electric blankets can be of great importance for your fertility.

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Foods to Increase Fertility

In the first trimester of the pregnancy the growing embryo increases 20 million times. In the first 8 weeks of pregnancy your baby’s organs, hands, fingers, legs, feet, head, eyes, nose, ears etc..have been constructed. To ensure that during this phase all the foundations are laid down properly, you want to make sure that there are plenty of building blocks in the form of nutrients and no toxins and nasty bacteria and moulds which could infect the embryo and cause severe damage and could potentially result in malformations or a miscarriage.

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