Sleep and Fertility – Podcast with Dr Michael Breus

sleep and fertility

It was an honor to interview Dr Michael Breus ‘The Sleep Doctor‘ on the subject of sleep and fertility. Dr Breus is a world renowned expert on sleep and during this interview he shared some fascinating insights into what we can do to sleep better to protect and restore our fertility.

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Presentation on Women’s Health in Kuwait City 2013

Below is a 5 minute extract of a 1 hour presentation I recently gave at the Women’s Cultural & Social Society in Kuwait City to a group of women and media . The topic was: Women’s Health From Puberty to Menopause – How to Stay in Optimal Shape and Prevent Most Common Women’s Health Issues During the […]

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Fertility Treatment Options – Combine Natural Treatments with IVF

fertility treatment options

It was an honor and a pleasure to be interviewed with Mindy Berkson, a renowned fertility consultant from Lotus Blossom Consulting. We discussed natural fertility and assisted reproduction treatment options available to you. And how to combine the two to improve your odds of a successful pregnancy. Fertility Treatment Options You’ll Learn In This Podcast: […]

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MTHFR Treatment during Pregnancy: What you need to know

Treatment of MTHFR mutation

Treatment for MTHFR mutation is a lot simpler than it’s name! MTHFR gene is in charge of Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) an enzyme responsible for folic acid metabolism in the body. In this article we’ll look at the function of this enzyme, why it’s important for fertility and the standard treatment for MTHFR mutation. Genetics can […]

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Increase Male Fertility Naturally

how to increase sperm count

If you’re struggling with Sperm Quality or Quantity issues such as low sperm motility, low sperm count or poor morphology I’d like to introduce you to a new male infertility treatment approach i’ve developed to increase male fertility naturally.

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How to Make Sperm Stronger for Pregnancy

Stronger sperm on conception process

Article Overview 3 Things That May Be Killing Your Sperm1. High-tech Gadgets2. Convenience Diets3. A Sedentary LifestyleOther Factors That May Influence Sperm QualityWhat Determines Sperm Health?7 Tips to Make Sperm Stronger & Increase Sperm CountAnd Remember, It Takes Time to Produce New Sperm… Want to know how to make sperm stronger and healthier? The media […]

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Treating Women’s Infertility – Interview on the Wellness Hour

Randy Alvarez The Wellness Hour

I was recently invited to talk on treating women’s infertility with Randy Alvarez, host of the Wellness Hour. The Wellness Hour is a leader in health news in the US and airs on broadcast and cable television in over 60 Million homes in the US and Canada. Enjoy! The Randy Alvarez Podcast

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How To Increase Fertility? The Truth About Fatigue

Are you experiencing difficulties getting pregnant? Are you wondering how to increase fertility? If so you should look at your energy levels. For many people feeling stressed and tired has become an acceptable norm. Some people are almost proud of their fatigue. Almost as if it’s a badge of hard work and dedication. We expect […]

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How to Increase Fertility? Avoid Xenoestrogens!


This topic is for anyone who is looking to find out how to increase fertility. Xenoestrogens are increasingly being blamed for a whole host of chronic conditions including infertility. If you want to know how to increase fertility naturally you need to become aware of what xenoestrogens are, why they are bad for your health […]

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How To Lower Estrogen Dominance Naturally With Diet & Foods

Estrogen Dominance

Article Overview What is Estrogen?Estrogen Dominance: Too Much of a Good ThingWhat are the Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance?What Causes Estrogen Dominance?Medical Conditions Related to Estrogen Dominance5 Foods to Reduce Estrogen Dominance NaturallyEstrogen Dominance Diet: What To Eat Foods That Lower Estrogen – Eat PlentyFoods that contain Estrogen – Avoid these foods Estrogen is one of […]

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How Come I Can’t Get Pregnant? Pesticides – A Risk Not Worth Taking

If you can’t get pregnant you may want to consider your pesticide exposure. According to the study by the NRDC (the Natural Resources Defense Council) – pet owners who use flea collars on their dogs and cats expose themselves up to 500 times the EPA’s (The Environmental Protection agency) safe levels of pesticides! And for kids those […]

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Improve Egg Quality: Is What You Are Eating Making Your Eggs Old?

old eggs - how to improve egg quality

Article Overview Sugar and Egg QualityBut Don’t Despair! There Is an All-Natural Solution to Use to Improve Egg QualityHow to Improve Egg Quality and Quantity: Green TeaHow to Improve Egg Quality After 40 (Or When You Have Poor Egg Quality): 6 Other TipsThe Take-Home Point Did you ever stop and think that what you are […]

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Vitamin A During Pregnancy – How Much Is Too Much?

Article Overview Vitamin A and Pregnancy: ABC of Vitamin AVitamin A and Pregnancy: Why Vitamin A and Pregnancy Go TogetherVitamin A During Pregnancy: Why Did Vitamin A Get Such a Bad Press?Too Much Vitamin A During Pregnancy: How Much Vitamin A Is Safe in Pregnancy?Vitamin A and Pregnancy: Betacarotene Instead of Vitamin A? Vitamin A […]

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Trying to Conceive Tips: Genius Fertility Breakthroughs To Know

trying to conceive tips

When you are trying to conceive, your emotions can run from excitement and hope to stress and disappointment. The longer you have been trying the more extreme the emotions become. When you add medical procedures and fertility drugs to the mix, everything becomes even more chaotic. This is part of the reason that natural fertility […]

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Tips to Help Get Pregnant – 7 Easy Tips That Will Help You Conceive

help getting pregnant

Most couples don’t begin trying to start a family expecting that they will need tips to help get pregnant. Unfortunately, as many as one sixth of prospective parents find that there’s more to conception than just making love when the mood strikes. Nutrition and timing play a large part in the process. How Can Timing […]

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