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The missing link for those suffering from poor fertility

Iva Keene shares her wealth of knowledge in this easy to read book on Natural Fertility Principles. Iva explains the reasons why we are experiencing a world wide slump in both male and female fertility and gives the readers the necessary tools and information to help them overcome poor fertility and for fertile couples to create an even healthier baby. This book is well researched and validated and may be the missing link for those suffering from poor fertility.

Dr. Michelle Woolhouse MD Holistic General Practitioner, Professional Speaker. MBBS, FRACGP., Melbourne, Australia.

Overwhelming record in patient care and counseling

Iva is a registered naturopathic physician with an overwhelming record in patient care and counseling. She is an indispensable asset to our University-based private practice for foreign patients in Zurich (Double Check Swiss Academic Center for Second Opinions Ltd.).

Prof. Dr. Arendt Rainer University of Zurich - Switzerland.

Do not fail to read it!

Iva Keene’s wonderful book should be widely read – by doctors, nurses, midwives, by complementary practitioners and the general public, perhaps especially by prospective parents.For far too long has the health and development of the unborn baby been left to chance. Risks have been ignored at the vital times, and the subsequent ruined lives of child, parent and the wider family have been too little understood.For over 30 years I have been trying to get the message of preconceptual care across. I welcome Iva’s marvelous book with open arms. Do not fail to read it!

Nim Barnes Founder of Foresight Foundation UK & International Pioneer of Preconception Care

A must have for any couple trying to conceive

Iva Keene has looked into little known aspects of fertility, namely stress and sleep.Infertility is extremely stressful and this aspect is often ignored by the conventional infertility treatments. Sleep – a new frontier of medicine plays a crucial role in your fertility.In the Natural Fertility Prescription, you’ll discover wonderful practical tools and tips to improve your fertility by simply adjusting your lifestyle, sleep and dietary habits. A must have for any couple trying to conceive.

Dr. Reza Samvat DC Author of “Sleep, Health & Consciousness” a Physician’s Guide. - Melbourne, Australia

An extremely comprehensive system covering virtually all aspects of our fertility

Iva Keene has created an extremely comprehensive system covering virtually all aspects of our fertility from nutrition and diet, detoxification, relaxation and mind-body exercises in a program that you can use in the comfort of your own home at your own speed. This NFP program would fit right along side our advanced guided visualization programs that Circle + Bloom has created as well.

Joanne Verkuilen Founder and Co-CEO, Circle + Bloom LLC

This book is a must read

If you struggle with fertility issues, this book is a must read. It will help you address the foundational causes that prevent you from having a child, using natural approaches that have proven to be safe.

Dr. Joe Mercola Founder, World’s most visited natural health website - Chicago, USA.