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Q. ‘What Foods Should I Avoid If I Have Endometriosis?’

Certain foods can help improve endometriosis. In the same way, there are also foods that can help exacerbate the condition, like the ones we discuss this video.

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Q. ‘How to Lower FSH Naturally?’

High FSH levels can become an issue when you’re trying to get pregnant. In this video, we share ways on how you can lower your FSH levels naturally. If you need more information on this topic, you may download our ‘7 Root Causes of Infertility’ report by clicking on the ‘download report’ button below. DOWNLOAD REPORT

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7 Fertility Risk-Factors Impacted by Genetic Polymorphisms

There are ways hidden genetic polymorphisms can influence fertility risk factors. In this video, we share 7 ways they can affect your ability to conceive and what you can do about it. If you found this video helpful, we take a much deeper dive into this topic in our ‘Discover How to Lower the Chances […]

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Q. ‘How Do I Know If I Am Infertile?’

Most people don’t know if they are fertile or not until they start trying to conceive. If you’ve been trying to conceive for more than 6 months and you are in your 30s or older you are facing some challenges that first need to be identified and addressed. Found this video helpful? We take a […]

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A Secret for How to Rebalance Fertility Hormones Without Drugs

In this video, we share how you can rebalance your fertility hormones naturally, without drugs. If you found this video helpful, we take a much deeper dive into this topic in our 16-Week Program Fertility Group. Watch the video here.

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How to Cope With Grief and Sadness That Come With Fertility Challenges

How to cope with grief and sadness when facing fertility challenges: Click here to join our NFP Fertility Community Facebook group.

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Some Thoughts on the Coronavirus

I want to say a few words about the uncertainty and anxiety surrounding the current Coronavirus situation. Click here to join the NFP Fertility Support Facebook Community

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Caffeine and Pregnancy: Is Coffee Bad For You When TTC?

Article Overview Coffee as a Source of AntioxidantsCaffeine and Pregnancy: 5 Ways Coffee Can Affect FertilityOther Ways Coffee Can Affect Your BodyTo Decaf or Not to Decaf?9 Healthier Coffee Substitutes7 Tips on Quitting Coffee As someone who’s trying to get pregnant, you’re probably wondering if caffeine and pregnancy can go together. And right now, perhaps […]

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Tips for Staying Positive During Heart-Wrenching Setbacks When Trying to Conceive

It’s discouraging when things don’t go your way when you’re trying to conceive (whether naturally or via assisted reproduction). Although we have various ways of coping, we’d like to share a few tips on how you can stay positive amidst the setbacks. Click here to join the NFP Fertility Support Facebook Community

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What to Do When You’ve ‘Run out of Options’ for Getting Pregnant?

What to do if you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked… Click here to join the NFP Fertility Support Facebook Community

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Stress Does Impact Your Fertility… But How?

woman stress

Is there a connection between stress and infertility? Stress is pretty unavoidable these days. There are constant demands on our time and energy — not to mention expectations from family, work, community (and ourselves!). It can feel like a constant juggling act that’s exhausting and overwhelming. No one is immune – everyone feels stress to […]

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How I Got Pregnant At 40

how i got pregnant at 40

If you’re over 40, have never been pregnant or perhaps it was long time ago, you never quite know if you can get pregnant. Here’s how I got pregnant at 40.

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9 Drugs Which Affect Your Fertility

drugs affect fertility

Article Overview How Do Drugs Affect Your Fertility?9 Drugs Which Affect Your FertilityDo Fertility Pills Really Work? Are They Safe to Use?Takeaway You have to be careful when it comes to taking drugs (whether prescription or non-prescription) whenever you’re trying to conceive. Some medicines, although seemingly harmless—like several common over-the-counter medicines—may negatively impact your fertility […]

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Foods to Improve Fertility: Try This Fertility Boosting Lemon Delight

Out of the many foods to improve fertility you can choose from, this potion is one of my favorites. And if you like lemony, zesty flavors, you’ll love this recipe! Ingredients: 1 Whole Organic Lemon 1 Banana 1 TBS Pumpkin Seeds 1 TBS Soy Lecithin 1 TBS Lavender and Rosemary Honey 1 TBS Chia Seeds […]

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Gluten And Fertility: To Get Pregnant Eliminate Wheat and Gluten

The link between gluten and fertility is a relatively recent discovery. You may have heard that gluten should be avoided if you’ve been diagnosed with unexplained infertility or if you are suffering from recurrent miscarriages. However it seems the effects of gluten on fertility and it’s ability to predispose to infertility are further reaching than […]

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