Fertility Bracelet – What You Need to Know

fertility braceletA fertility bracelet is a bracelet made from gemstones that are believed to improve a woman’s chance of getting pregnant. Examples of such gemstones are Amethyst, Moonstone and Rose quartz.

Stones For Fertility Bracelets

Amethyst is a crystal that may boost hormone production. It is sometimes called an “energizer”. It improves spirituality and may also guard you against bad luck.
Moonstone is commonly referred to as “Stone of the Goddess”. It symbolizes new beginnings and acceptance. It is a gem that may influence female fertility. It may regulate the menstrual cycle, balance hormonal levels and attune your body clock. Moonstone may aid conception, childbirth and even breastfeeding.
Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is said to help stabilize women’s energies. Also known as “Quartz of the Heart”, rose quartz releases emotional stress, wards off negative energies and invites love. This pink crystal symbolizes warmth, love and beauty. It brings back trust and harmony. Rose quartz is said to encourage peace, forgiveness, selfless love and emotional equilibrium. It is believed to boost a woman’s fertility.
Other Stones For Your Fertility Bracelet
Other stones you can find in a fertility bracelet are Aventurine, Bloodstone, Mexican Fire Opal, Unakite and Dolomite. These gemstones have a distinct vibration of energy that may help you focus your energy, calm your nerves and manage stress. Some of these stones may help improve blood circulation and minimize blood disorders such as excessive blood clotting. These fertility stones may improve your health, optimize your reproductive system and increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Ancient Culture and Fertility Bracelets

Adorning with fertility stones is not a recent practice. Women have been decorating themselves with fertility gemstones and charms for centuries in hopes the positive energy from these gems will raise their fertility levels. For hundreds of years, the Native Americans in Southwest America have been making fertility bracelets of Kokopelli – the native’s god of fertility who brings new life to the tribes through healthy pregnancies. The god’s feast day is in early spring when rebirth and renewal are also celebrated.

Some cultures commemorate women's fertility. The festivity starts with a ritual where the woman is adorned with fertility stones. Sewing fertility gemstones into a girl’s garments is a rite of passage to womanhood.

Fertility Bracelets and Fertility

Today, many women wear these bracelets for the exact same reason the bracelets were worn centuries ago. Whether out of belief, tradition or suggestion from friends, many women would wear these bracelets from the idea it wouldn’t “hurt” them if they did and it might even increase their chances of conception.

There is no scientific study and evidence saying fertility bracelets actually work. Even without scientific proof, there are women who swear these bracelets have improved their fertility levels, although there isn’t a way to prove their claims. Fertility bracelets may work or not. It is entirely up to you to see for yourself. Wearing a fertility bracelet may not have any physical effects but it may have psychological effects. It may act as a subconscious reminder, a good luck charm, a fertility gift or just something that may help you feel good about yourself.

Whatever the case, it wouldn’t hurt to have one.

Fertility Bracelets and Your Cycle

Fertility bracelets cost anywhere from $12 to $70, depending on the fertility stones used. You can also get fertility bracelets that help you calculate your fertile days with the help of a small ring that can be placed around the bead representing the first day of your cycle. Some of these fertility bracelets have different colored gemstones to help you identify what stage of your cycle you are in.

What are your thoughts on fertility bracelets? Do you own one? Do you have a preferred style/brand you'd recommend to other women? I look forward to hearing from you!
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