Amazonian Herbs to Enhance Fertility – Podcast With Antonia Ruhl

Amazonian Herbs to Enhance Fertility

Herbs to enhance fertility are widely used with great success. But what about Amazonian herbs to enhance fertility? In this great podcast interview with Antonia Ruhl you'll learn about Amazonian herbal medicine and what a treasure trove it is.

Antonia comes from Brazil where she was initiated as a tribal medicine woman at a young age. She is most well known for her Amazon Fertility Program with which she was able to help many women who were of advanced age for fertility, get pregnant and give birth to healthy babies. Some were even menopausal and had stopped menstruating. The oldest woman Antonia was able to help was 50 years old.

Antonia uses Amazonian herbs to enhance fertility in men and women. Her treatment especially focuses on the men and she explains why this is important from the traditional Amazonian healing tradition.

In this podcast about Amazonian herbs to enhance fertility you'll learn:

  1. What makes the Amazonian Fertility Program different from conventional and other natural fertility treatments.
  2. How Amazonian herbs enhance fertility work.
  3. What's the difference between male and female plants.
  4. Types of infertility Antonia has been able to treat with her male and female herbal tonics.
  5. In Antonia's words, why it's possible to get pregnant using Antonia's approach even if you are in your mid to late 40s or have started menopause.
  6. What the success rates of Antonia's Amazon Fertility Program are like.
  7. How you can work with Antonia even if you don't live in Melbourne, Australia.
  8. Amazonian fertility tips to help you get pregnant and why it's important to reconnect with the spiritual aspect of pregnancy and bring new souls into this world.
It was fascinating to speak to Antonia and to get a very different and refreshing view of infertility and pregnancy from a traditional Amazonian healing tradition. The herbs from the Amazon have a very long track record of use, much longer than Western herbal medicine. This knowledge is preserved by the traditional healers of the Amazon jungle and we are lucky to have people like Antonia who can share this little known knowledge with the world.

What are your thoughts on this podcast, the Amazon Fertility Program and Amazonian herbs to enhance fertility? Antonia Ruhl
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