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The #1 Common and Costly Misconception About Sperm Health

In this video, Iva shares the #1 common and costly misconception about sperm health.

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3 Proven Ways To Help Get Your Body Into Prime Shape to Conceive

Whatever your age, it is possible to get your body in tip-top shape in order to prepare it for conception. In this video, we share 3 proven ways how you can do this.

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What to Do When You’re Told the Sperm is “Poor Quality?”

Watch this video to find out what modifiable factors can impact the quality of sperm.

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Aging Men and Sperm Health: Can Older Men be Fathers?

ageing man sperm

Male fertility issues are becoming more and more common, for men of all ages. People may be surprised to learn that in couples who have fertility issues, 40% of cases the problem rests with the male, 40% with the female, 10% with both and 10% unknown.

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Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Beet Juice

Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Not only can men suffer from poor sperm quality and quantity but also erectile dysfunction. While drugs can offer relief, there is a simple and effective Natural Erectile dysfunction treatment at your disposal!

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Increase Male Fertility Naturally

how to increase sperm count

If you’re struggling with Sperm Quality or Quantity issues such as low sperm motility, low sperm count or poor morphology I’d like to introduce you to a new male infertility treatment approach i’ve developed to increase male fertility naturally.

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How to Make Sperm Stronger for Pregnancy

Stronger sperm on conception process

So what can you do to make your sperm stronger? I’m often asked this question, as poor sperm quality, low sperm motility, poor sperm morphology and low sperm counts are major contributing causes of miscarriages and account for nearly half of all cases of infertility.

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How to Increase Male Fertility: Choices That Will Make Him More Fertile

male fertility

One of the most common mistakes when trying to conceive is to overlook the importance of male fertility and knowing how to increase male fertility. Despite the relative simplicity of the male reproductive system, men’s infertility is responsible for nearly half of the couples seeking help conceiving. Many of these couples are struggling with low sperm count, abnormal sperm morphology (structure), poor motility and difficulty fertilizing thhow to increase male fertilitye egg.

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IVF For Male Infertility – Is IVF The Only Solution?

Most people are under the impression that only women have a biological fertility clock. Unfortunately, men have a biological clock as well. Men may not experience menopause but when they are over 35 years of age, sperm quantity and quality start declining. Before considering IVF for male infertility, here are the facts which you and […]

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Low Sperm Count – How to Get Pregnant When Your Partner’s Sperm Count is Low

ovum and sperm on conception process

How to get pregnant with low sperm count? Is IVF your only option or are there natural options at your disposal?

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Varicocele Treatment Natural Treatment Or Varicocele Surgery?

testis anatomy

Article Overview Varicoceles and Male InfertilityVaricocele Surgery and Other Medical ProceduresVaricocele Treatment Without Surgery9 Varicocele Natural Treatment TipsIt Is Possible to Treat Varicoceles Naturally! Similar to varicose veins found in the leg, a varicocele is also an enlarged vein, but in the scrotum. Because varicoceles are common in men, I am seeing more and more […]

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Sperm Donor? Boost Your Fertility First

Gray's Anatomy - Spermatozoon

Sperm donors are in high demand. I keep reading about sperm shortages and calls for sperm donation. Some women opt for sperm donation if they don’t have a suitable partner. However for many this choice is brought on by a fertility condition or by a hereditary disease, parents don’t wish to pass on to their baby.

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Male Fertility Decline – Are They an Endangered Species?

Male fertility has been declining ever since the 50s. So much so that the WHO (World Health Organization) had to lower the values for normal sperm count levels as otherwise most men would test infertile today.

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