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  • 2 fertility destroying food groups to eliminate from your diet
  • 3 vital but often misunderstood factors in getting pregnant
  • How to turn back time on your eggs ways to improve egg health
  • 2 powerful ways to improve Sperm Health
  • Techniques to harness the power of your mind to help you conceive
  • 2 simple tests to help uncover the cause of ‘Unexplained Infertility’Vastly increase odds of IVF success if you decide to use it
  • Demystifying the question of whether you need fertility supplements
  • How to get an inexpensive fertility nutrient boost in 10 minutes per day
  • 3 fertility destroying environmental toxins and how to avoid them
  • The single most beneficial exercise program for fertility
  • One common kitchen appliance that should never be used
  • How to lower the chance of repeat miscarriages
  • 2 nutrients essential for fertility and where to get them from your diet
  • Why discoveries in genetics may hold the key to unlock your fertility
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Iva Keene MRMed. ND. BHSc. BBA. MANPA. MRN. NVS.


Internationally Recognized Natural Fertility Specialist

  • Masters in Reproductive Medicine (UNSW)
  • Bachelor in Health Science, Naturopathy (ACNM)
  • Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association
  • Accredited Natural Doctor (Switzerland)
  • Registered Naturopathic Physician (UK)

Patient Testimonials

“Hi Iva, thought you’d like to know I am six weeks pregnant! After a long time doing lots of things not quite right, your advice has paid off. Three months later we are feeling great, healthy and most importantly, pregnant! So delighted to be adding to our family. Thank you!"
- Marnie S. Phoenix, USA.

"It was exactly the knowledge that I was lacking, my husband was lacking, it was really the missing link. Thank you Iva we really, really appreciate all your help, you are amazing."
- Krisinda, California USA, 38, Baby Dakota after Endometriosis, Low Sperm Motility & TTC 1 year

"I’m writing you today to give you good news!!! Today I did the pharmacy test and for the 1st time in 6 years of marriage the result is positive. I tested twice and both were positive!!! I still can’t believe it.It is such a surprise for me!!! I really thought I would have to go to IVF to make it work!!! We’ve been trying for 3 years naturally with no results!!!"
- Juliana G. Sydney, Australia

"Hi Iva, I followed most of your suggestions, I am now 41 and I’m happy to say that I’m 2 weeks pregnant, so thanks a million!!!! Once again thanks a million for tall the help!!"
- Lisa G. New York, USA.

"I thought I’d drop you a mail and let you know how happy and excited I am, I found out yesterday that I’m almost two months pregnant and it was the best news ever, so I just want to thank you for your help."
- Marlene M. Sydney, Australia.

"I found a lot of your information and advice very helpful, as I am now 29 weeks pregnant, after months of not ovulating after coming off the pill a year and a half ago. I’m so delighted and have had a problem free pregnancy so far so I couldn’t ask for more."
- Ann Marie C. London, United Kingdom.

“The info you sent me was most useful and very interesting. I really did appreciate all of it and it really does assist in the whole conceiving thing. I have found out that I am pregnant and I am very happy thanks to you. Your tips helped and I used most of them. Thank you so much."
- Rose H. New York City, USA.

“I’m happy to announce that I am 14 weeks pregnant! Thank you, your information was very helpful."
- Paula B. Los Angeles, USA

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Iva Keene MRMed. ND.

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Verbier, 1936