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Debunking the Myth of the One-size-fits-all ‘Fertility Diet’

Your ideal diet for fertility can be as unique as you are. What’s best for you may not be the case for someone else. If you found this video helpful, we take a much deeper dive into this topic in our free report, ‘How to Restore Your Fertility And Get Pregnant Naturally’ here.

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A Pregnancy Success Story You Need To Read!

I love a good pregnancy success story and I just had to make a blog post about this one! The other day I got an email from a dear client of mine who used the Natural Fertility Prescription program, the Phone Consultation, the practitioner grade supplements I prescribed for her and her husband following the […]

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Diet To Boost Fertility – Quick & Easy Breakfast Suggestion

Diet to boost fertility does not have to be complicated and take a long time to prepare. Most people struggle to eat healthy for breakfast as they don’t have much time in the morning or simply can’t stomach a proper meal so early in a day. Here is a perfect solution which takes 5 minutes […]

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One of the 15 Women Who Will Change Your Health & Happiness

It’s was a great honor to be selected one of the 15 women who can change your health and happiness by the Women’s Health Magazine in Australia – March 2013 issue! I also asked the journalist who dubbed me ‘Lady Gaga’ of Natural Fertility to explain why, here’s what she said: “Lady Gaga was a play […]

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