Seven Steps to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

New Year's ResolutionsAs you may be aware optimal fertility boils down to optimal health. Most people feel they eat a balanced and nutritious diet. After all being sick means you’re confined to bed and can’t perform your daily duties. So if things are not that bad you think that you must be healthy. However minor symptoms which come and go frequently are a sign of suboptimal health that needs addressing if optimal fertility is desired. Here’s a list of symptoms you should take seriously if they keep recurring:

  • Sniffly nose without a cold
  • Recurring headaches
  • Alternating diarrhea and constipation couple of times a month
  • Frequent cough without a cold
  • Waking up tired without having gone to bed late
  • Bloating
  • Skin breakouts
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Recurring pain in the same spot
  • Irregular periods
  • PMS
  • Period cramps
  • Weight gain
  • Frequent colds
  • And many more

These are cries for help and can signal a food intolerance, an allergy, toxicity, compromised immunity, nutrient deficiency, wrong diet for your body type, metabolic imbalances, hormonal irregularities, inflamed intestinal wall, infection, neurotransmitter imbalance etc…

So as you can see your health and fertility may very much be compromised even though you can still go to work and you don’t have to stay in bed.

Sperm cells and egg cells are the most sensitive cells in your body. This is also why they were so carefully tucked away in the body as to be protected as much as possible from external influences. But their location does not protect them from internal influences which they get exposed to from your diet, lifestyle and pollutants in your immediate environment.

This is a time of the year when we write our resolutions for the next year. Things like lose weight, join the gym, eat less, avoid junk food, quit smoking, stop drinking soda, drink less coffee etc… often find themselves on the resolution’s list.

So how can you make your new resolutions stick to improve your odds of a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby in 2012?

Here are seven steps to make your resolutions stick

  1. Dare to dream big – Make a list of all the goals you’d like to attain in the new year. Write down your dream weight, your dream job, dream house etc… Big dreams inspire us more and put some extra élan into our actions.
  2. Break up the big goal into small action steps. Work backwards from each goal to figure out the steps you need to take to reach your goal.
  3. Set a time by which you want to achieve your goal. This is very important as it sends a message to your subconscious mind that the goal needs to be achieved by then. This will also help eliminate procrastination.
  4. Create a time line and place your action steps on your time line so that you may achieve your goal by the set date. Write your action steps into your diary so you don’t forget to do them.
  5. Review your goals every morning and evening before you go to bed. Ask yourself each evening if your actions in that day were aligned with your goals or not? Be very honest and don’t beat yourself up if they weren’t but promise yourself you’ll make up for it tomorrow and then make sure that you do. If you never keep your promises to yourself you will never develop an accountable relationship with yourself and you’ll doubt your ability to achieve set goals. This is not only important for your personal life but also for your career.
  6. Reward yourself when you complete each milestone or action step and make sure it’s something you always wanted but never fount time to do or wanted to spend money on. These are things like a concert, a massage, a weekend trip, a spa treatment, a one night stay at a five star hotel in your city etc…
  7. Lastly and very importantly make sure to write down what will happen if you don’t change and if you don’t implement your actions steps to reach your goals. Fast forward 1 year, 3 years and 5 years where you have continued with your habits of which you are fully aware are not that great for you. What’s your health like? What about your weight? Are you happy? Are you willing to forgo your heart’s true desires just so you can keep up with a habit? This exercise will wake you and shake you up a bit which is necessary to help you stick to your new goals and resolutions so make sure that you do it.

Enjoy this process and watch yourself and your life transform into the one you always dreamed of.

What new resolutions and goals did you set for yourself? I’d love to hear from you!

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About the Author: Iva Keene MRMed. ND. - Natural Fertility Specialist

Iva Keene is co-founder, creator and award-winning author of the NFP Program and director of She holds a Bachelor Degree in Health Science in Naturopathy and a Master Degree in Reproductive Medicine. She has been a qualified and internationally accredited Naturopathic Physician for over 15 years. Since founding NFP in 2008, Iva’s articles, videos, guides, and reports have reached over 1.3 million people. Iva has dedicated her professional life to supporting couples on their path to parenthood with scientifically grounded information, protocols, and coaching around preconception care, natural infertility treatments, and integrative reproductive health.