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Fertility Treatment Options – Combine Natural Treatments with IVF

fertility treatment options

It was an honor and a pleasure to be interviewed with Mindy Berkson, a renowned fertility consultant from Lotus Blossom Consulting. We discussed natural fertility and assisted reproduction treatment options available to you. And how to combine the two to improve your odds of a successful pregnancy. Fertility Treatment Options You’ll Learn In This Podcast: […]

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Treating Women’s Infertility – Interview on the Wellness Hour

Randy Alvarez The Wellness Hour

I was recently invited to talk on treating women’s infertility with Randy Alvarez, host of the Wellness Hour. The Wellness Hour is a leader in health news in the US and airs on broadcast and cable television in over 60 Million homes in the US and Canada. Enjoy! The Randy Alvarez Podcast

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Improve Egg Quality: Is What You Are Eating Making Your Eggs Old?

old eggs - how to improve egg quality

Did you ever stop and think that what you are eating may be aging you faster and consequently lead to poor quality eggs and the diagnosis of “old eggs”?

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Getting Pregnant After 40 Made Easy

Getting pregnant after 40 is becoming more and more common these days. Studies have confirmed that late childbearing is linked to educational status. Women these days prefer to delay pregnancy so they can preserve their socioeconomic status. As more women become professionals, more women also become first time mothers at 40 and older. In 2004, […]

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Fertility After 40 – Get Pregnant In Spite Of Your Age

Women are choosing to become mothers later in their lives so the question of fertility after 40 years of age has become a major issue. Unlike earlier generations many women today are following career paths that do not encourage early pregnancies, with the result that they do not decide to have children until they are […]

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Getting Pregnant After 40 – What You Need to Know

What’s the secret to getting pregnant after 40 quickly?
You need to know the health issues common in older women and what you have to do to achieve getting pregnant after 40 and having a healthy pregnancy.

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Infertility Solutions – 10 Tips Proven to Boost Fertility

Looking for infertility solutions and a healthy way to get pregnant? 10 Infertility solutions to boost fertility 1. Diet As reported by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists or ACOG, pregnant women should increase their intake of fruit and vegetables to 3 to 4 servings a day; whole-grain bread, cereal, brown rice or wholemeal […]

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Help me Get Pregnant – 2 Heavy Metals That Mess With Your Fertility

“Help me get pregnant!” I hear those four words almost on a daily basis. Out of many factors which can make it difficult for you to conceive I’d like to single out heavy metals for the purpose of this article, particularly Mercury and Lead. High levels of mercury interfere with sperm production and protection causing […]

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Fragile X Syndrome? How to treat it

Fragile X Syndrome, also called FXS is the most common cause of mental impairment including learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities and autism. Fragile X Associated Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (FXPOI) is a disorder that may cause premature menopause and infertility in women who have this gene. Etiology of Fragile X Syndrome Around 1 in 8000 American women […]

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Egg Donation Risks – Is it Right for You?

Egg donation makes it possible to get pregnant using other woman’s eggs and is also known as oocyte donation. However there are egg donation risks you need to be aware of before you begin. Procedure A donor will be asked to take medication to stimulate egg development in the ovary. She may have to take […]

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Embryo Transfer Process Explained

Embryo transfer process refers to the procedure that places an embryo into the uterus in an in vitro fertilization cycle. IVF cycles are also called intracytoplasmic sperm injection cycles or ICSI cycles. Implantation success rates range from 10% to 60% and are dependent to a large extent on the woman’s age as well as her […]

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Infertility in Women: Your “Mother Hormone” Can Beat it

Infertility in women can be successfully treated naturally if you have the right information and tools. Good news for all woman and in particular for ‘older’ woman with diminished ovarian reserve comes from the new infertility research. Scientists have discovered that this so called ‘Mother Hormone’ holds the key to improving egg and embryo quality, […]

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Chances of Getting Pregnant at 38+

age and fertility chart

What are your chances of getting pregnant at 38+? Before I dive into the grim statistics, which no doubt you are already familiar with (if you’ve spoken to your gynecologist ), I want to let you know that the majority of causes which lead to age related infertility can be …

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6 Tips on How to Improve Egg Quality

Improve Egg Quality

As we get older, the quality of our eggs tends to decline due to increased oxidative stress which is damaging to our cells including our eggs. And because of this, many women wonder whether it is possible to improve egg quality after 40 and increase their chances of getting pregnant despite their age.

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Fertility Questions and Answers

In my recent survey you asked some great fertility questions. Thanks for asking these questions as some apply to many others. So here are the answers, but before we dive into the fertility questions and answers, remember I’d be delighted to work with you personally. So feel free to email me, I’d love to help […]

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