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Treating Women’s Infertility – Interview on the Wellness Hour

Randy Alvarez The Wellness Hour

I was recently invited to talk on treating women’s infertility with Randy Alvarez, host of the Wellness Hour. The Wellness Hour is a leader in health news in the US and airs on broadcast and cable television in over 60 Million homes in the US and Canada. Enjoy! The Randy Alvarez Podcast

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How Come I Can’t Get Pregnant? Pesticides – A Risk Not Worth Taking

If you can’t get pregnant you may want to consider your pesticide exposure. According to the study by the NRDC (the Natural Resources Defense Council) – pet owners who use flea collars on their dogs and cats expose themselves up to 500 times the EPA’s (The Environmental Protection agency) safe levels of pesticides! And for kids those […]

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Tips on Becoming Pregnant – 10 Ways to Shorten Your Time to Pregnancy

Are you looking for tips on becoming pregnant? Here are ten useful tips to help you conceive quickly. Tips on Becoming Pregnant: Before Trying To Conceive Before trying to conceive, schedule an appointment for both you and your partner with a naturopathic doctor. Many potential obstacles to conception can be identified before any time is […]

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How to Increase Male Fertility: Choices That Will Make Him More Fertile

male fertility

One of the most common mistakes when trying to conceive is to overlook the importance of male fertility and knowing how to increase male fertility. Despite the relative simplicity of the male reproductive system, men’s infertility is responsible for nearly half of the couples seeking help conceiving. Many of these couples are struggling with low […]

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Fertility Problems – Overcome Them Naturally

Very few couples expect fertility problems when they begin trying to start a family. For many, the simple act of expressing love for each other is enough to create a child. However, for millions of people, this is not enough. Approximately one third of the problems that they face can be traced back to female […]

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Causes of Infertility – How to Treat Them?

The most efficient way to conceive a baby is to identify the most common causes of infertility and to minimize or remove them from your life. In some cases, the solutions are simple and painless. Other times, the problem has infiltrated every aspect of our existence, making limiting its influence difficult at best. What Are […]

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Tips To Help Get Pregnant – Things Your Gyno Should Have Told You

Many couples choose natural tips to help get pregnant in order to help improve their fertility. Below are 5 tips you and your partner can try to improve your fertility, naturally. Tips to Help Get Pregnant 1. Limit caffeine consumption Studies have shown that women who take 300 mg of caffeine or more everyday have […]

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Natural Pregnancy Over 40

Are you eager to have a natural pregnancy over 40? Below are some pregnancy secrets that can help you to conceive and have a natural pregnancy over 40. 1. Avoid processed and fast food To keep your body fit and ready for a natural pregnancy over 40, you should know which foods to limit or […]

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Fertility Diet – The Smart Way to Get Pregnant

A fertility diet can play a major role in boosting your chances of pregnancy. Everything you eat affects your entire body – from your blood to your hormones and your body tissues. A study by the American Pregnancy Association, a nonprofit organization that promotes reproductive wellness, said that your body needs at least 3 months […]

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Infertility Solution – 100% Natural and Effective

Struggling with infertility? Looking for the right infertility solution for you? My bestselling online natural fertility program may be able to help you. Watch the video to learn more and visit our success stories to hear how it helped countless couples around the world become happy parents of beautiful healthy babies. If we can get […]

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Having Difficulty Getting Pregnant? Choices That Will Make You More Fertile

having difficulty getting pregnant

Nowadays couples wait until they are 30 years old and older before they decide to have children. Some of them may end up having difficulty getting pregnant. Below are 5 tips that will improve your fertility and help you conceive. Are You Having Difficulty Getting Pregnant? 1. Stop using microwave oven. Microwave ovens work by […]

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IVF For Male Infertility – Is IVF The Only Solution?

Most people are under the impression that only women have a biological fertility clock. Unfortunately, men have a biological clock as well. Men may not experience menopause but when they are over 35 years of age, sperm quantity and quality start declining. Before considering IVF for male infertility, here are the facts which you and […]

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Natural Ways to Combat STD and Infertility

STD and Infertility The link between having an STD and infertility could be the reason why you’re not getting pregnant. Natural ways to increase fertility include treating sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in order to avoid the negative effects that exist with an STD and infertility. Chlamydia Chlamydia is caused by a bacteria you can get […]

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Help me Get Pregnant – 2 Heavy Metals That Mess With Your Fertility

“Help me get pregnant!” I hear those four words almost on a daily basis. Out of many factors which can make it difficult for you to conceive I’d like to single out heavy metals for the purpose of this article, particularly Mercury and Lead. High levels of mercury interfere with sperm production and protection causing […]

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Chemicals and Infertility – The Most Fertile Pharmacy

Avoiding The Effects of Chemicals and Infertility What can make me most fertile? A question many of my clients ask. If you’re using the NFP program then you are fully aware of the effects of chemicals and infertility from products in your cosmetic bag and bathroom which can also predispose you to serious health complications […]

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