Reverse the Curse – By DeAnna L’am

It’s with great pleasure that I introduce DeAnna L’am to you. Her work encourages women to embrace their femininity and view menarche as something scared – a gift – rather than a curse. From the point of view of fertility it’s incredibly important for women to love and respect their body and their female organs. If month after month you are directing disproval, anger and hatred toward your female organs you are subconsciously inviting problems – after all a womb is a place of creation, where we create with love – if only negative emotions get to grow inside, you’ll need to first make peace with your feminine aspect before you can embrace abundant fertility.

I’ll let DeAnna work her magic now…

Reverse the Curse – By DeAnna L’am

How was the day of your first period? Was it an empowering experience? Or is there a knot at the pit of your stomach when you think about it?

Most of us were not welcomed into womanhood. Our Inner Maiden, the coming-of-age girl we once were, is left inside hanging, often shamed, embarrasses, or afraid. As a result many women consider their periods “nuisance,” “bother,” or “the curse.”

Rarely are we conscious of our Inner Maiden anymore, yet vow to create a different experience for our daughters. Armed with good intentions mothers enthusiastically approach their girls only to find them running as fast as they can in the other direction, sighing ”Oh, Mom” and rolling their eyes up. When I ask adolescent girls what they most need from their mothers, the consistent answer is: “Space!” What’s wrong with this picture?

The missing link is found in soothing the Inner Maiden: the girl coming of age who lays dormant within us. It is her hunger that drives our daughters away, because on some level they sense her neediness inside us. Our daughters cannot, and should not, be the ones to fulfill it. The cravings of the Inner Maiden can only be appropriately met within the company of other adult women, most of whom share similar hungers. Only after soothing the ache that our own coming-of-age left within us, would we be able to freely approach our daughters, or other adolescent girls in our life. In my experience, women who come from such inner fullness are met with very receptive girls.

The story of Menarche, our first menstrual blood, is rarely told. It is interesting to note that women, who tend to share anything with one another, (from first sexual encounters to stories of survival and recovery from abuse) are silent about this one. Adhering to the cultural taboo around menstruation, we silence not only the story of our first blood, but also the experiences and emotions associated with the transition into womanhood, which often left us stumbling in the dark.

Breaking a silence is only possible in the company of others. Make time with one or more of your close women friends to tell the story of your first menstrual period. It is astounding to find the similarities we share. The details of our stories may differ, yet the feelings are almost identical. In a room full of women there is always a sense of being able to relate to every single story as if it were our own. In conflicting regions, such as the Middle East, I was moved to tears when Palestinian and Jewish women transcended all religious and political divides by telling their first blood stories. The bond that was created among them far exceeded the rip they felt for years.

When you share your Menarche story with other women, you embark on a dual journey: the one of quenching your Inner Maiden’s thirst, and that of welcoming your daughter into womanhood. Women often complain that their daughters don’t share anything with them. In the absence of open sharing on your part, aren’t you asking her for that which you are unwilling to give? Instead of moving into our daughter’s space wanting (expecting, demanding) that she talk with us, lets sit back and invite her into our space, by sharing experiences of ourselves as young maidens. In doing so, we are modeling that which we wish to receive. Having soothed our Inner Maiden in the company of other women, we can deepen the relationship between us and the maidens we raise. By so doing, we lay the foundation for a life long friendship between us as women, rather than only a mother-daughter pair.

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© DeAnna L’am (B.A.) speaker, coach, trainer, is author of Becoming Peers – Mentoring Girls Into Womanhood. Her pioneering work has been transforming girls’ and women’s lives around the world for over 20 years. DeAnna specializes in empowering women to reclaim their cycles as inner wellsprings of wisdom, intuition and spiritual guidance, inspires mothers to become empowering role models for their girls, and trains women to hold Red Tent in their communities. Visit her website at:

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