Natural Fertility – How To Overcome Infertility Naturally

natural fertility

Natural fertility is the inexpensive and safe way to overcome infertility. Diet and lifestyle play a huge role in improving your chances of getting pregnant. Natural ways to improve fertility include also supplementation with nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, exercise, yoga, meditation, visualization, EMF radiation exposure minimization and more. Here are some natural remedies for fertility.

Natural Fertility Remedies

Healthy Balanced Diet

Pregnant women have special dietary needs. Since dietary changes need at least 3 months to take root, you should start changing your diet and making it baby friendly as early as possible. Eating a healthy meal three times a day before and after conception is a great start for overall health.

When you are pregnant, you need 15% more calories than normal. Because you have another life to support, you may have to "eat nutrients for two", adding another 300 calories to your usual daily calorie intake.  An additional 300 calories means adding 1 avocado and handful of raw almonds to your diet every day. Women who are trying to become pregnant should start eating nutrient-rich foods instead of fast foods and processed foods. Vegetables, fruits and raw nuts have high vitamin and mineral content. Think of variety when you are preparing your meal. Refer to the fertility diet guidelines when choosing your servings of whole grains, vegetables, meat, legumes and dairy products to make sure you and eventually, your baby, will get the nutrients you both need.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Natural Fertility

Most nutrients which pregnant women need can be gathered from a healthy balanced diet, but most experts agree that both pregnant women and women planning to get pregnant benefit from taking vitamin and mineral supplements as well.  If you're vegan or lactose intolerant you should fill your Calcium requirements by taking about 600 mg of Calcium supplements daily. Also take Vitamin D supplements daily as this vitamin is found in only a very few foods or you can also get it from the sun.

Women in general should take vitamin and mineral supplements, particularly during menstruation. Remember that although vitamin and mineral supplements help to boost your health and natural fertility they are not substitutes for a properly balanced diet. A very restricted diet and the use of supplements will not provide enough nutrients for a woman who is trying to become pregnant.

A Warning: Do not take Vitamin A supplements without your naturopath's supervision when you are pregnant. Excessive levels of this vitamin can be toxic to your baby.


Smoking and Alcohol Use - A study by Danish researchers have shown about 6 glasses of alcohol a week has harmful effects on female fertility, especially for women aged 30 years and older.  Stop smoking and drinking altogether when trying to become pregnant.  When you are pregnant, smoking and drinking cause birth defects and developmental problems in your baby.

Exercise - Exercise by walking, running or bike riding for 30 to 45 minutes every second day. You may exercise longer than 45 minutes so long as your body is up to it. Exercising helps you avoid health problems that have a detrimental effect on fertility such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Cardio exercises help you maintain a healthy body weight which is very important in optimizing your chances of getting pregnant. It also improves fertility by increasing blood flow to the reproductive system. Research has shown that inadequate circulation in the ovaries and the reproductive tract hastens ovarian aging, reduces pregnancy success with in vitro fertilization and dehydrates the reproductive tract.

Fertility Groups -Some women experience a whirlwind of emotions when they have been trying unsuccessfully for months to get pregnant. Learn to manage your depression to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Join a core group that focuses on fertility, which will help you to relax and come to terms with your situation. The groups can demonstrate wats of managing fertility-related stress and anxiety while teaching you what you need to do to boost your fertility.

Natural fertility means taking good care of your body first and eventually readying it for the task ahead - pregnancy.

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