A Pregnancy Success Story You Need To Read!

increasing-fertility-300x1991.jpgI love a good pregnancy success story and I just had to make a blog post about this one!

The other day I got an email from a dear client of mine who used the Natural Fertility Prescription program, the Phone Consultation, the practitioner-grade supplements I prescribed for her and her husband following the consultation, and the email support service.

Theresa started using my services in July 2012. Here is her medical history in a nutshell since 2010:

  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis
  • Large painful ovarian cysts
  • Clomid for one year
  • FSH: 10.5
  • Hypothyroidism
  • 2 Failed IUI cycles
  • Laparoscopy to remove cysts
  • History of yeast infections

And here is the email I got from her and her husband the other day:


Hiiii…so sorry for being silent so long. Everything is going on the right track. I am in my week 27! And we are having a boy!..

I wanted to write the testimonial but my husband jumped in to write it as it took a lot for me to convince him initially for the program. Now he has taken this opportunity to thank you.

I want to request you to produce our case.

We would like to post review about this program on a renowned site. So please help us with it.

I have only happy tears in my eyes to thank you!

The testimonials as follows,

“I wanted to write this testimonial from the day my wife got pregnant. Anyone who is looking to get pregnant and have stumbled across this program, our word of advice “Go for it”. I am a very skeptical person and I would need to see some convincing proof before I can believe something. So was the case when my wife told me about Iva Keene and her program. We were trying to have a baby for about 3 years. Things weren’t as how we expected to be. Stress and frustration built in when every time my wife had her periods. We went to a fertility clinic only to find out my wife was diagnosed with endometriosis. She had a surgery in 2011 December. We were hoping thing would work out after the surgery. But after a year in July of 2012 we found out that the cyst had come back. We were advised to take Clomid and do insemination as the next step.  2 attempts of insemination failed and the doctors advised us to consider IVF.  I was not willing to co-operate in doing an IVF. I was actually scared to take more medications and hurt the body and I was not sure if I can spend the money and have a failure again.  I raised questions on are we doing everything right. Are we living a healthy life style? Are we eating right?  That is when my wife came across Iva Keene and she told me instead of spending thousands of dollars on IVF why don’t we spend a portion of it on a natural treatment. She literally convinced me and made me participate in the 120 day program. 

My wife was very sincere in her efforts and followed the program religiously. She avoided her most favorite thing in the world “Chocolates”. She stopped eating her next favorite thing “Cheese”.  She also used to sleep right. The only thing I did was to eat the supplements. I didn’t take coffee. (I used to cheat and take coffee once in a while, but I tried my best not to take it). In December of 2012, when the program was over and when we found out that she is not pregnant again…we were broke and as much we wanted to have a kid, now we decided why should we have kids? Let’s not worry about something that does not exist and let’s not waste our time in this. My wife was not very convinced as she wanted to be a mother and she didn’t want to give up so easily. She emailed Iva and Iva advised us to take the supplements some more time. I didn’t want to spend the money again and refused (though I wanted to buy the supplements, I gave up on everything feeling dejected). She continued her regimen of eating right without the medication. 

On and afternoon of January 22 2013, we did a home pregnancy test to find out the thick blue positive. Unable to believe our eyes, we tested again the next day early morning, with a different brand test stick and positive again! We were happy with tears, thanked the lord for his mercy on us. When we had our first ultra sound to see the little one, we found that the cysts have disappeared and the uterus was clean.  My wife has entered the third trimester now and both the mom and baby are doing fine.

To all the men out there reading this, Please take the 120 day program seriously.  You are doing this for the love of your life.  The smile of your wife and the happiness of her goes a long way before a cup of coffee.

I don’t know how to thank Iva Keene except to write this testimonial as I did not believe this at all initially. Now I believe her suggestions and advice has made an impact for sure. Of course, not to forget the mercy of the lord without his blessings, no one can bear any fruit of success. All I want to say is, Talk to Iva and follow the program religiously as per her suggestion. I can’t guarantee anything, but Life is all about faith and a little hope. Hope you all may have many beautiful precious kids running around your houses.”

With lots of thanks,

Theresa and James 

What a lovely email, thank you guys for sharing your pregnancy success story with me!

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