[Story] Wendy, 45 Had a Baby Boy After Miscarriages & TTC 2 Years

40+ and trying to conceive? Don't lose hope - let us share with you the story of one of our clients, Wendy, who had her baby at 45. In this video, Kathryn Moloney ND. shares how Wendy was able to conceive despite her age and existing fertility issues. 

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About the Author: Kathryn Moloney ND. - Qualified Naturopathic Physician

Kathryn is a qualified Naturopath, Fertility Educator and Birth Attendant with over 12 years experience treating reproductive health issues, general health and infertility. She is passionate about providing IVF support, pregnancy and preconception care. After specialising in fertility at Fertile Ground Health Group, Kathryn currently consults from Melbourne, Australia.