Trying to Conceive Tips: Genius Fertility Breakthroughs To Know

Trying to Conceive Tips

When you are trying to conceive, your emotions can run from excitement and hope to stress and disappointment. The longer you have been trying the more extreme the emotions become. When you add medical procedures and fertility drugs to the mix, everything becomes even more chaotic. This is part of the reason that natural fertility treatments are becoming more popular. They offer great trying to conceive tips and are easier on a woman’s body. They don't pose any risk and are cheaper than medical fertility treatments.

If you are looking for great trying to conceive tips, you can find natural alternatives to allopathic medicine. Whether they help you need is a comprehensive natural treatment to aid in regulating your fertility or as extensive as in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

What Are the Problems With Medical Fertility Treatments?

Infertility is a big business for pharmaceutical companies. Fertility medications can range from hundreds of dollars per cycle for pills to thousands of dollars per cycle for injectable drugs. The financial costs of medical treatment for infertility are prohibitive. They are also not covered by many insurance companies. This has a negative impact on the emotional well being of the couple trying to conceive. It lowers their chances of success. It also means that you may be limited in the number of cycles you can attempt.

Are Fertility Drugs Risky?

There is a very real danger associated with taking fertility drugs. They have side effects ranging from mood swings to painful bloating. Drugs used to produce multiple eggs may trigger ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). This disorder can be severe and requires immediate medical attention. Additionally, not all of the drugs used for infertility have been tested for safety in early pregnancy.

Fertility drugs greatly increase the chances of multiple births. One goal of fertility drugs is to trigger the release of more than one fertile egg. This is to increase the odds of conception. However, there is a chance that more than one egg will be fertilized. This is especially true in an IVF cycle, where more than one embryo is implanted at a time.

In the past, fertility clinics inserted large numbers of embryos. They later performed selective abortions if unsafe numbers were implanted successfully. This is no longer done. However, two or three are still commonly implanted at one time. You may think that the idea of twins is a good one when trying to conceive, but you should know that a multiple pregnancy is riskier for a woman than is a singleton. The risk goes up substantially when higher-order multiples are involved.

Trying To Conceive Tips

What are Natural Alternatives to IVF?
  1. Herbs can be used in place of some fertility drugs. There are natural herbs that can affect a woman’s cycle and help to regulate it. Whether your problem is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis or inadequate progesterone, there are herbs that can help. Some herbs that are commonly used when trying to conceive are dong quai, vitex (chaste berry) and cinnamon. These have the advantage of having fewer physical side effects and being far cheaper than fertility drugs.
  2. Natural IVF cycles are less physically demanding and cheaper. They are less invasive and have less risk of multiple pregnancies than medicated cycles. They rely on your normal cycle rather than artificially regulating it with drugs. HCG may be used to force an egg to release if necessary. However, this is the only medication used, and because there are no drugs, generally only one egg is produced. The egg retrieval procedure is performed in the office. Once the egg is retrieved it is fertilized with sperm. It is then inserted in the uterus to implant. The cost is under one-fourth of a traditional medicated cycle. This means that you are less financially drained. You may be able to afford additional cycles. And this will increase the chances of success. It is also a good option for couples who have ethical reservations concerning unimplanted embryos.
Trying to conceive is stressful and emotional enough without the added costs and physical stresses of fertility drugs. Use the above trying to conceive tips. You will find it less stressful and less physically demanding. It is also a cheaper way of achieving a happy, healthy pregnancy.
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