Best Alternative Treatment For Endometriosis

best alternative treatment for endometriosisWhy You Should Try an Alternative Treatment for Endometriosis

What is the best treatment for endometriosis? Your doctor may recommend drugs and surgery, which in extreme cases can offer relief and reduction in pain and other symptoms, or you could try an alternative treatment for endometriosis.

Drugs and surgery recommended by your doctor are not going to prevent the symptoms from coming back and you will likely have to have the same treatment again in the not too distant future. This is why you should consider an alternative treatment for endometriosis.

Get the Sense of Control and Empowerment Back

Endometriosis can make you feel disempowered. Each month the symptoms take over and you feel like you’ve got not control over them.

But you do!

You see, our body is one big chemistry lab. It can make just about any drug available on the market and more, providing it’s got the right ingredients.

If you keep giving your body ingredients to produce pain-inducing hormones and chemicals, that’s what it’ll make. On the other hand if you stop giving your body pain-inducing ingredients and start feeding it ingredients to make anti-inflammatories, feel-good hormones and detoxifying chemicals see what happens!

Before we consider the best alternative treatment for endometriosis, let’s take a look at some of the contributing factors.

As an endo sufferer you may or may not have been informed about any alternative treatment for endometriosis or the dietary and lifestyle factors which have been found to contribute to your condition due to their estrogen effects on the body. Endometriosis is a condition affected by excess estrogen in the body.

Contributing Factors – What are They?

  1. Dioxins – TCCD–2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzopara-dioxin – as painful as this word is for reading, this evil chemical is even more painful to the body, as only endometriosis sufferers will know. This environmental pollutant is found in: chlorine bleach (think household cleaning products), chlorine bleached paper, sanitary napkins, water and food (pesticide contamination), toilet paper, disposable diapers, coffee filters, tampons, pads etc…
  2. TCCD has been linked to development of implants (adhesions) even long time after exposure. Dioxins act as xenosetrogens in the body increasing your overall estrogen levels.
  3. Coffee – A study published in Fertility Sterility found that more than two cups of coffee a day significantly increased estrogen levels in the body predisposing you to endometriosis.
  4. Alcohol – Leaches B vitamins from the liver needed for estrogen removal, has an estrogenic effect on the body by increasing your body fat (more fat = more estrogen = more pain)
  5. Meat – A study published in Human Reproduction found that women who eat red meat, ham and beef on regular basis increase their risk of developing endometriosis by 80-100%.
  6. Wheat – Studies found that women with endometriosis tend to have wheat and gluten intolerance.
  7. Dairy – Increases promotes production of pain-inducing chemicals in the body – PGE2 (prostaglandin series 2 which increases pain during menstruation).
  8. Extra weight – Fat cells produce estrogen — more estrogen in the body = worse endo symptoms.
  9. Lack of exercise – Exercise boost production of our feel good hormones, anti-inflammatory chemicals (PGE1 series), improves estrogen metabolism and removal by the liver and burns fat (less fat = less estrogen = less pain).
  10. Lack of sleep – Less than 8 hours of regular sleep can contribute to hormonal chaos in the body.

All of the above factors burden four crucial systems to your overall health which are also implicated in endometriosis they are;

  • Your Liver – Processes and metabolizes fat, sugar and hormones. When your liver lacks nutrients to do it’s work or is overburdened with toxins for your environment and diet it will not be able to regulate production of estrogen and prostaglandins among other millions of things it does.
  • Your Endocrine System – Xenoestrogens from dioxins, pesticides and other endocrine disruptors behave like hormones in your body and contribute to estrogen excess and hormonal chaos.
  • Your Reproductive System – Takes the brunt of the confused endocrine system and overworked liver by not ovulating, menstruating at the wrong times, menstruating for too long or not at all.
  • Your Immune System – Your immune system plays a role in mopping up the toxic chemicals and neutralizing free radicals. When your body is constantly bombarded with toxic invaders your immune system (running on lack of nutrients) starts misbehaving and attacking your body tissue which contributes to conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Lupus and other autoimmune conditions and conditions with an autoimmune component such as endometriosis.

What is the best alternative treatment for endometriosis?

  1. Stop eating red meat, beef, ham, dairy and animal products high in saturated fat.
  2. Stop drinking coffee and alcohol.
  3. Stop eating food that’s been sprayed with pesticides (pesticides = dioxins = adhesions and implants = pain) — eat organically grown food only.
  4. Get a good quality water filer to filter out dioxins from tap water.
  5. Avoid plastic – leaches into water and behaves as xenoestrogens in the body
  6. Avoid gluten – eat gluten free grains and have a food intolerance test.
  7. Eat diet high in fibre, fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds.
  8. Use herbs to help you manage end symptoms – Milk Thistle for the liver, Cramp Bark and Feverfew for the pain.
  9. Get good quality supplements to support your liver, immune and endocrine system – get adequate zinc, selenium, B group vitamins, magnesium and calcium and omega 3 fatty acids for pain.
  10. Exercise every day – cycling, running, swimming in the sea, power walking, aerobics etc…
  11. Loose weight if appropriate – do a raw vegan detox for two weeks.
  12. Do yoga and mediation.
  13. Visualize your reproductive system endo free.
  14. Join support groups and empower other women.
  15. See a qualified therapist – Endometriosis is more common in women who’ve been sexually abused. An alternative treatment for endometriosis is to see a qualified therapist to help you and join a support group.
  16. Get 8 hours of sleep daily – go to bed early, around 9pm.
  17. Avoid commercial cleaning products and cosmetics with dioxins.
  18. Get Acupuncture.

What are your thoughts? Do you have endometriosis? What treatments did you find are best for treating endometriosis? What do you think about the alternative treatment for endometriosis outlined above? I’d love to hear from you!

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