Boost Male Fertility Naturally – 9 ways

Boost male fertility naturally

Men are more sensitive to heavy metal toxicity than women when it comes to reproductive health and fertility. This article introduces some strategies to boost male fertility naturally.

Numerous studies completed over the last decade have linked infertility in men to heavy metals and lead exposure in particular, because it’s so widely spread and extremely toxic. The studies have also found that the number of people diagnosed with infertility is constantly increasing as a direct result of environmental pollution, and this is why you may be looking to boost male fertility naturally.

Another heavy metal linked to infertility due to its strong negative effects on spermatogenesis (formation and maturation of sperm) is cadmium. Cadmium is toxic on cellular and systemic level. Cigarette smoke is an abundant source of cadmium!

The main endocrine disruptors (substances which can disrupt the hormonal balance) that can cause male infertility are:

Pesticides such as DDT, linuron, and others, heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, and copper, and substances from various industrial uses and residues such as dioxins, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), ethylene dibromide (EDB), phthalates, polyvinyl chloride (PVC),and ethanol.

These chemicals reduce sperm count and have teratogenic (birth defects), mutagenic and carcinogenic effects.

Guys also need to watch out for overheating and radiation from mobile phones when looking to boost male fertility naturally. The reason why the testicles are in the scrotum is to keep them away from the body’s core temperature – approximately two degrees Celsius cooler (36.8 Celsius or 98 Fahrenheit). Too high temperatures can reduce the sperm count.

What to do in Order to Boost Male Fertility Naturally?

  • Quit smoking
  • Cut down on alcohol and coffee (or stop altogether while trying to get pregnant)
  • Eat predominantly organic food
  • Don’t drink or shower in tap water (drink only filtered or bottled in glass). I personally use and recommend the Aquasana drinking water system and this shower filter.
  • Take zinc, selenium and vitamin C supplements
  • Go out of your way to avoid pesticides, radiation, heavy metals and toxic chemicals.
  • Avoid testicular overheating by avoiding steam rooms, saunas, hot baths and long bike rides.
  • Start wearing boxer shorts
  • Don’t carry a mobile phone in your pocket. It needs to be at least 2m away from your body.

Remember, your #1 goal is to ensure that in 120 days prior to conception your eggs and sperm don’t get polluted or damaged. This will make all the difference to your pregnancy and THAT is how you can guarantee for your baby the best possible start in life – ultimate health prevention!

I hope this article gave you some ideas on how to boost male fertility naturally, as always I would love to hear your comments!

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