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chemicals and infertility

Avoiding The Effects of Chemicals and Infertility

What can make me most fertile? A question many of my clients ask. If you’re using the NFP program then you are fully aware of the effects of chemicals and infertility from products in your cosmetic bag and bathroom which can also predispose you to serious health complications later in life such as breast cancer.

I’ve switched to safe personal care and cosmetics products over ten years ago to avoid chemicals and infertility when the choices were limited and the shops difficult to find.

Today the choices are many and the shops range from online to exclusive boutique type outlets and large offline supermarket chains present in many countries.

So to make the topic of chemicals and infertility easier for you I’ve decided to give you a sneak-peak into my bathroom to see which personal care and cosmetic products I use.

Make Me Most Fertile Can’t-Live-Without Pharmacy


Apple Milk Shampoo

Great shampoo for regular use. Won’t dry out your scalp. Leaves your hair soft and shiny and smells delicious. For extra volume you can use their Lemon Milk Shampoo and during the dry winter months Almond Milk Shampoo moisturizes your hair and protects it from drying out.

Body Spa Body Lotion

The Orange Feeling is great for the winter months and protects your skin from drying out. Lemon Verbena is light and refreshing, ideal for hot summer days. The Rose has a very seductive scent and is ideal for the special romantic evenings.

Basis Cleansing Gel

A gentle Lemon Balm and Malva face cleanser and make-up remover. It leaves your skin supple and moisturized and doesn’t dry it our like many other face cleansers. It also smells divine.

Dr. Hauschka

Light Rose Cream

A great soothing cream if you’ve got sensitive skin. It’s a great moisturizer and can be worn under makeup without the greasy shine effect.

Translucent Make-Up

A protective make-up which blends well with your skin tone and stays on without clogging your pores or making your skin shiny. But at the same time it also doesn’t dry out your skin like many other products which make your small wrinkles more apparent.


The miracle heal-all-skin-problems ointment. Made from fresh fermented pawpaw. This balm is fantastic for chapped lips, minor cuts, burns, insect bites, nappy rash, and dry skin. It coats the area you apply it on so well and stays on for a long time. It expedites wound healing and protects the area from further damage. I use it as a lip balm and for wind and cold protection when the temperatures drop below zero. This is an Australian product and I haven’t seen it outside Australia. Instead of Vegemite I ask friends to bring me tubs and tubes of this heal-all balm (my dog ate a whole jar when we were out one night and nothing happened to him – it smells divine and tastes a bit sweet – so keep it out of your dog’s reach 🙂


Translucent Foundation

A delightful all organic make-up foundation. It’s great for winter when your skin needs more protection. In the summer it may make your skin shiny which is not ideal but in the winter the nourishing jojoba, safflower oils and shea butter will protect your skin from the cold conditions.

Mineral Blush Powder

Organic blush powder which blends so well with your makeup and stays on without looking unnatural. I like the bronzing tones for the summer and rose tones for the winter.

Aroma Free Deodorant

Made with sea salt and aloe vera. It’s the only effective all natural and organic deodorant I could find. It’s got no aroma so it won’t mix with your perfume and overpower it like many other deodorants.


Sea Salt Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Without all the nasties, whitens you teeth as well as protects them from cavities and tartar. The sea salt is an effective anti-bacterial substance which also has a whitening effect. This toothpaste is very minty and will give you a long lasting fresh breath. It does not have that soapy effect where your mouth feels like it’s being scrubbed with soap. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to use a regular toothpaste again you’ll literally sense the chemicals and sugar and other nasties.

Pomegranate Serum

Toning serum used on your skin before you apply your moisturizer. Keeps your skin hydrated and soaks in very fast. You can feel your skin drinking it up. It leaves the skin soft and supple. Use this first thing in the morning and before bed.

Pomegranate Day and Night Creams

Great day moisturizer and restoring night cream. I love these products and have been using them for over six months. I use the serum under the creams in the morning and the evening.


Crema Solare

My all time favorite sunscreen with jojoba oil, olive oil and rice. It smells divine and it’s an effective sunscreen without all the nasties. It leaves your pores open to breathe and doesn’t cause pimples like many other natural sunscreens.


Coconut Butter with Carrot

Fantastic body, face and hair butter. It’s great for dry skin, sensitive skin, as a moisturizer at the beach after the sun’s not as strong in the late afternoon hours. It gives you a wonderful tan keeps the skin supple and moisturized without clogging the pores. This is a Croatian product and I’ve only seen it there. When relatives come to visit I always ask for a jar of this heavenly balm.

Many of these products can be used by men and most of these companies have a men’s range. My husband uses Weleda shaving cream and their moisturizer for men. We share the sun screen, shampoo, deodorant and the toothpaste, avoiding other products with chemicals and infertility consequences!

Which products do you use to boost you health and fertility? What advice would you give to someone on chemicals and infertility? Would love to hear from you!

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