Increase Male Fertility Naturally

Increase Male Fertility NaturallyIf you're struggling with Sperm Quality or Quantity issues such as low sperm motility, low sperm count or poor morphology I'd like to introduce you to a new male infertility treatment approach I've developed to increase male fertility naturally.

You may have found out you have sperm issues that are preventing you from conceiving a child. If this is the case you've probably been advised to go down the IVF, ICSI or sperm donation pathway.

You have likely been told there's not much else you can do except for some basic dietary improvements. Or perhaps you've been recommended a supplement to take to support the IVF/ICSI process.

I want you to know that sperm health issues are, in most cases (not all, but most), very treatable. And without resorting to IVF/ICSI or any other ART procedure.

Declining Sperm Health All Over the World

While assisted reproductive technology is powerful and effective for many people, it should always be reserved as a last step. AFTER couples have done all they can to conceive naturally.

And research suggests that approximately 80% of infertile couples can conceive naturally[1] if they are willing to follow an approach like the one I teach. And if they are prepared to make some very specific (but straightforward) dietary and lifestyle modifications for a few weeks prior to conception.

This message is vitally important for men because sperm health issues account for 50% of all infertility globally[2]. In addition, sperm counts are declining globally[3]. The truth is, no one knows for certain why this is happening. However, my empirical view is that it's connected to environmental toxins in our high tech world. From food, pharmaceuticals, EMF radiation to lifestyle changes.

Toxic Lives

When I consult with couples from all over the world via my phone consultation and fertility analysis service it's clear that so many people are leading highly toxic lives on a range of levels. And usually, the source of these toxins are things they were unaware of and that are harming their fertility.

Once they identify the things they need to change, the results are often dramatic. If you look at our website's success stories and case studies pages, you'll see dozens of individual stories there (including videos).

But just a glance at some of the key facts surrounding sperm plus a look at the mainstream media make it clear something is wrong. And the solution may not be all the technology in the first instance but possibly something much simpler, something right before our eyes.

The world health organization estimates that sperm counts globally have halved since the '50s.[4] So much so that the WHO had to modify the normal range of sperm otherwise most men would be considered infertile.[5]

How to Increase Male Fertility Naturally

So what can we do about it without resorting to ART? Let's take a quick look at the core elements of my approach to treating sperm abnormalities. In my sperm health program, I cover 71 strategies for improving all major sperm parameters.

These 71 strategies include things like:
  • Consume Wheat germ oil because the octacosanol found in wheat germ oil increases sperm count (#52).
  • Supplement with the herbs Licorice, Ashwagandha and Schisandra to increase sperm count (#61). Or,
  • Avoid the list of allergenic foods I discuss in the diet section (#20).
The cornerstone of the treatment is the six focus areas which include: how to increase sperm count through stress control and adequate nutrient supply for 91 days (the time it takes for a new batch of sperm to form)

Key things to do to increase sperm motility, morphology and viscosity. Plus strategies to treat sperm antibodies and erectile dysfunction.

And the good thing is, this is something you can apply on your own at home (as most do) by just using the information laid out in clear steps.

Or, if you want my personal help you can also receive that via my email support or phone consultation services. Just check the Online Clinic page of the website Natural Fertility Prescription for more information.

So, if you'd like to know more about the sperm program and my approach to boosting male fertility click here to learn more.

And if you have any questions don't hesitate to email me at


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About the Author: Iva Keene MRMed. ND. - Natural Fertility Specialist

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