Natural Fertility Treatment – Because You Owe it to Your Future Baby

Natural fertility treatment because you owe it to your baby

Natural Fertility Treatment? Natural What?

Recently I was contacted by a TV station in the US. They’re doing a show on infertility treatments and found my website. The show producer rang me to have a chat about natural fertility treatment as he hadn’t heard of it and wanted to know exactly what it was.

As a naturopath with many friends who are also naturopaths it hadn’t occurred to me that some people may not understand what the term natural fertility really means.

So, what is Natural Fertility and what’s it got to do with your pregnancy?

Here’s a short historical background on natural fertility. It all started with a series of research studies into what increases and decreases human and animal fertility conducted over the last 30 years or so. It is, thanks to amazing women such as Belinda ‘Nim’ Barnes, the founder of Foresight, the Association for the Promotion of Preconceptual Care in the UK and Francesca Naish, the founder of the Jocelyn Centre for Natural Fertility Management in Australia that we can use such a fantastic and effective method to help infertile couples conceive. These admirable women pieced some of the research findings together and started offering ‘natural fertility’ treatments to couples who were infertile with astounding results. Over the years that followed more research has been conducted in the area and the science and the art of Natural Fertility has been improved and perfected into what I and some of the other qualified specialists around the world can offer you today.

What is the basis of Natural Fertility?

In simple terms, Natural Fertility is about determining and addressing what’s diminishing your natural fertility (that is your natural or healthy level of fertility) and what you can do to enhance it. Although the meaning is easy to define, determining causes of infertility for each and every couple requires a keen detective’s eye and an instinct that takes years of studying and practice to acquire.

So Why is Natural Fertility Important for You?

If you go to a qualified natural fertility specialist he or she will give you the exact guidelines on what you and your partner should and shouldn’t be doing during the 120 days prior to conception (or longer depending on your individual case). Here is a short list of the top seven benefits and advantages (out of a hundreds more if you take all the small but significant cellular processes into account)…

Top 7 Advantages and Benefits of Natural Fertility

  1. Seemingly safe substances you come into contact with on a daily basis can make you temporarily infertile if you’re sensitive to them. So it’s in your interest to find out if you’re susceptible, what these substances are, where they can be found, what you can do to cleanse your body from them and how to avoid them in the future. If left unadressed these substances can interfere with your hormonal balance and baby’s development. Studies are showing that many babies are being born with toxins inside them at birth, even before they’ve had a chance to take one breath of air, one sip of water or one mouthful of food.
  2. All food is not created equal when it comes to your health and fertility. And while there are many ‘fertility diets’ on the market only a practitioner who is well versed and professionally trained in nutrition and naturopathy can give you the the most detailed and accurate account of what makes up the ideal fertility diet for you and your partner. This is because it doesn’t just come down to what you eat but also to your ability to digest, absorb and metabolize your food.
  3. Key fertility nutrients, in the right therapeutic doses ensure optimal sperm and egg health. Most over the counter pregnancy vitamins don’t contain the right quantities of nutrients to be able to address specific fertility problems. And they are almost exclusively designed for the woman, which leaves out the men and only addresses 50% of the equation which makes up your baby. Practitioner grade supplements can be given in therapeutic doses required for the improvement of sperm parameters or hormonal imbalances, with the dose tailored to your individual needs.
  4. My approach also takes into account your mental and emotional state and addresses the underlying thought patterns which may be preventing you from falling pregnant. ‘Mind over matter’ was not coined for no reason. Even your genes can be switched on and off at the speed of thought as the most recent Epigenetic research is suggesting.
  5. My natural fertility method teaches you how to exactly recognize your most fertile times. Knowing how to do this not only shows you when you are most likely to conceive but also alerts you if there is something fundamentally wrong with your cycle, for example if you are not ovulating.
  6. Your baby’s health begins before conception. As abstract and science fiction like as this may sound, it’s a scientific fact. The genetic codes within the egg and the sperm will jointly make up your baby’s genetic code and building blueprint. Once upon a time it was believed that genes can not be altered, improved and worsened. Back in the 50’s and 60’s doctors actually thought what you eat and what you get exposed to in the environment can not make a kink in your genes (unless you’ve been near a nuclear explosion). This has since been disproven. Science now tells us that not only what we eat and get exposed to in the environment can change our genes but our thoughts and emotions can influence our genes too. Do you see how we truly are beings made of mind body and soul which interact and influence each other all the time? So if, before conception, you eat a diet similar to most people in western countries eat and lead a lifestyle most of the people in first world countries lead, you may be passing onto your child more than just your looks and personality traits.
  7. Most couples and women first worry about getting pregnant. Once they are pregnant women start worrying about miscarriage and whether the baby will develop properly. Natural fertility addresses most of the causes of miscarriage by preparing both you and your partners body for conception and by teaching you what to be mindful of during the crucial first three months of your pregnancy when the baby’s body, organs, legs, hands, feet, fingers etc… are being formed.

Success Statistics

  • The natural fertility approach has an 81% pregnancy success rate among couples previously diagnosed as infertile.
  • The natural fertility approach at 47.1% nearly doubles the IVF success rate. This is because it optimizes the health and viability of eggs and sperm before they are artificially joined. In addition the woman’s body is adequately equipped with nutrients and free of know toxins which can contribute to malformations and miscarriages, which means that the chance of a miscarriage is minimized.
  • Babies born to couples who underwent natural fertility preconception program are statistically less likely to be admitted to neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), are less likely to be prematurely born, stillborn or have other malformations or abnormalities when compared to babies born to couples who did not follow a natural fertility preconception care program.
  • Natural fertility treatments cost a tiny fraction of their IVF counterparts and can be applied in the comfort and privacy of your home.

If you’re like most parents you want nothing more than to give your baby the best possible start in life health-wise. Now that you know the impact you can have before conception, does it change your perspective?

What are your thoughts? Are using or planning to use a natural fertility program? I’d love to hear from you.

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About the Author: Iva Keene MRMed. ND. - Natural Fertility Specialist

Iva Keene is co-founder, creator and award-winning author of the NFP Program and director of She holds a Bachelor Degree in Health Science in Naturopathy and a Master Degree in Reproductive Medicine. She has been a qualified and internationally accredited Naturopathic Physician for over 15 years. Since founding NFP in 2008, Iva’s articles, videos, guides, and reports have reached over 1.3 million people. Iva has dedicated her professional life to supporting couples on their path to parenthood with scientifically grounded information, protocols, and coaching around preconception care, natural infertility treatments, and integrative reproductive health.