Fertility Questions and Answers

In my recent survey you asked some great fertility questions. Thanks for asking these questions as some apply to many others. So here are the answers, but before we dive into the fertility questions and answers, remember I’d be delighted to work with you personally. So feel free to email me, I’d love to help you beyond the answers in this post.

1. Does blood pressure have an effect on fertility?

The short answer is yes. All body systems are connected. Although it may seem likfertility questions and answerse blood pressure is purely cardiovascular in nature and has nothing to do with the reproductive system, an imbalance anywhere in the body will affect the body as a whole. If your blood pressure is too high or too low, rather than just relying on a drug to normalize it (N.B. drugs can save your life in emergency situations so NEVER, stop taking them without speaking to your doctor first), use dietary and lifestyle adjustment along-side the drug, up to the point where the drug may not be needed anymore (your doctor will determine this). In other words address the cause your your blood pressure anomaly – too much salt (not enough salt), fatty food, smoking, coffee, alcohol, other drugs (oral contraceptives can increase the risk of high blood pressure and CVD)…Unaddressed high blood pressure can lead to complications in pregnancy, so it pays to address it before trying to conceive.

2. How to identify the EXACT ovulation date? I don’t know how to tell when I’m ovulating, please help?

You can identify your exact ovulation date by learning how to chart your cycle. You can familiarize yourself with the techniques here. However the exact method and the charts are available in the program.

3. I tried conceiving for the last 3-4 months under stress, but not successful. I want to conceive naturally without taking any pills, please help!

Stress is very, very, very bad for your fertility and ability to conceive. When you are under stress, you body goes into survival mode – fight or flight (and some freeze). We’re wired to respond to stress this way, from when we lived in caves and hunted for our food. In those days we were prey to other creatures. So our bodies learnt to get away as fast as possible from the life endangering situations. During the fight-flight-freeze response, all the blood and nutrients are diverted away from your body and organs to your muscles and the brain.

The only two systems which will save your life in such situations. Today, when we get stressed at work, stressed at home, stressed with our friends and family and stressed with not being able to conceive as planned. Our bodies still react the same way. So your reproductive system is getting the raw end of the deal and this is not helping your ability to conceive. For more info on stress reduction go here, And for proven methods on stress and infertility see the program. I hope this was useful to you.

4. My problem is that my husband needs to improve his sperm count.

Of all fertility problems you could have, this is actually relatively easy to treat and responds exceptionally well to natural treatments. So where to start? First off have a look at the following article. Then make sure that your husband is willing to make these changes.

Most partners/husbands are willing to change but some simply wont. So with special cases you need to take special measures. Sit him down (no TV or news papers to distract) and first praise him for all his good qualities (this will make him more open to your suggestions), then explain how much having a child would mean to you and him, then point out that if his sperm is not addressed this may not possible or only with invasive and expensive IVF.

Then introduce what needs to be done. Men love clear and concise action plans with time limits. For detailed information with the exact nutrients and doses and specific dietary and lifestyle information go here. Good luck, I hope it helps.

5. How to become a mother at 40+ and Fertility for women aged 37?

Providing you’re still ovulating, the answer is much the same way as when you were in your 20’s with proper preparation. The preparation includes detoxing, optimizing you and your partners fertility for a minimum of 120 day (so there’s no rushing involved) with specific proven strategies outlined here.

At 37 and 40+ your body had more time to accumulate toxins, many of these toxins have been shown to damage fertility and the fetus which is why doctors tell you that after 35 your fertility dramatically decreases and the risk of birth malformations increases. This can be addressed and changed in most cases, again providing you are still ovulating.

If you are menopausal you may have to look at egg donation and IVF, and still use the natural fertility methods to maximize your health and minimize pregnancy complications. For more information go to this article, I hope this helps.

6. Can genetic issues be addressed with natural fertility?

Recent epigenetic studies show our genes can be switched on and off by environmental influences (diet, lifestyle, the environment around you) as well as our thoughts and emotions. So it is possible to influence your gene expression. It is also possible to prevent malformations and decrease the risk of some genetic mutations by properly preparing for your pregnancy.

However as far as I know, it is not possible to stop a gene with a code for a genetic disease to be passed onto your baby with natural fertility (if any natural fertility practitioner has had success with this, I’d love to hear from them). There are high tech methods, which can cut out the code for a disease from a gene. For these procedures please get in touch with a fertility clinic in your area. I hope that you’ll find the right solution.

7. I’d like to be more clear about the effects of coffee and cell phones on fertility. Should they be avoided at all costs?

Yes, coffee should be absolutely excluded from your diet before conception and during pregnancy, especially if you are finding it hard to conceive. Some doctors will tell you one cup of coffee is fine, however this not only decreases you and your partner’s fertility, but also predisposes your baby in-utero to nervous system disorders such as anxiety and depression.

This world is sometimes scary enough without the need for being born with a predisposition to anxiety. For more info on coffee and fertility go here. Cell phones should be on your person as infrequently as possible when trying to conceive, why, is explained here. I hope this answers your question.

8. Endometriosis and PCOS treatments? How to start ovulating again with PCOS?

If either condition applies to you you’ll find two introductory reports on natural treatments for both. You can find them here: endometriosis and PCOS. Both respond well to natural treatments, including diet, lifestyle, herbs and nutritional supplements. You can find information on a detailed natural approach here. I hope this helps.

9. We are still trying, how long will it take? We’ve been trying for a year and can’t conceive? I’ve been trying to get pregnant for nine months and still nothing. What steps should I take?

If you’ve been trying to conceive for six months or longer it’s time to investigate your fertility with tests and check ups. How long will it take? As long as it takes to address the underlying cause.

So the question to ask is, what is preventing me/us from conceiving? Is it sperm abnormalities, is it hormonal imbalances, is it poor nutritional status, is it because I’m not absorbing the nutrients, is it another condition I have (or my partner has) which is affecting my fertility of which I’m not aware of, is it poor timing, is it chemicals and toxins in our diet and environment, maybe it’s due to radiation….. So it’s worth your while to investigate your fertility further and take it from there. For how to identify and treat the issues listed above please go here. I hope this helps.

10. I’ve had four miscarriages with one healthy baby in between. Can you please address what may be causing that? How to address recurrent miscarriages?

Miscarriages occur when there is something not right with the embryo or when there’s something not right with embryo’s environment in-utero, or both. There are many factors at play which can influence both the quality of the embryo and the quality of embryo’s environment. Women whose partners have low sperm count are more likely to suffer from recurrent miscarriages.

So it would be worth while to investigate your partner’s sperm. Was there something different that you and your partner did when you had a healthy pregnancy and gave birth to your baby? Did you change any aspect of life, diet, lifestyle, did you take up a sport, meditation, yoga, underwent acupuncture/herbal/naturopathic/chiropractic treatment etc… and maybe you didn’t change a thing.

Although it’s difficult for us humans to accept, sometimes thing happen which we can’t explain with science or reason. There are many possible reasons and causes, but rather than trying to remember what was the one thing you did which made the difference, use the tools available to you to optimally prepare for your next pregnancy and address the underlying causes. This article may also be of interest to you. I hope this helps.

11. I have underactive thyroid gland, what should I do?

Underactive thyroid is showing up more and more in infertile cases. It can lead to hormonal imbalances, poor egg quality, sluggish metabolism and miscarriages. Natural treatments for underactive thyroid can be very effective. For more information please read this article. And if you’d like me to help you address it by looking at your general health and fertility with the help of my fertility questionnaire please go here. I hope this will help you.

12. How to increase sperm count? How to improve sperm motility? What are some male sperm boosters?

I’ve written extensively on sperm health on the site. Here are some good articles to start you off. For very detailed step-by-step instructions on what you should do as well as personal advice for your individual fertility case and analysis please go here. I hope this helps.

13. How to address weak erection?

First off you should investigate if the problem is physical or mental in nature. Sex takes place in the head as much as down under. Is there a physical anomaly that could be preventing you from achieving a strong erection? Or is it mental? Maybe you need to change your sex routine, maybe you are finding the current one boring and unappealing. Discover what appeals to you and your partner and devise some creative and new ways of having sex. If it still doesn’t help and there is nothing wrong in the physical department you may want to consider seeing a sexologist and trying some libido enhancing foods, herbs and supplements I discuss in the program. I hope this helps. Good luck!

14. What causes ectopic pregnancy?

There are many possible causes, some of them include; blocked tubes, scarring from surgery or pelvic inflammatory disease or an STD, which could be preventing the fertilized egg from reaching the uterus, uterine abnormalities, gonadotropin therapy and the use of IUD in the past. Mild forms of scarring and blocked tubes can be addressed naturally. If severe look at the IVF options. I hope this helps.

15. What would cause a woman not to be ovulating and menstruating?

Anovulation can be caused by hormonal imbalances, PCOS, menopause, some drugs, pituitary tumors, anorexia, low weight and over exercising. However you can still menstruate without ovulating. If you’ve stopped menstruating for six months or longer and you are not pregnant, you should have your thyroid gland and pituitary gland checked for hypothyroidism and hyperprolactinemia. If you don’t know the cause I’d suggest you see your gynecologist and have your hormone levels tested as well as a physical exam/ultrasound. Most cases respond well to natural fertility treatments. For more info please go here. I hope this helps.

16. How to conceive a healthy baby? How to get pregnant?

Although everyone wants to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby, many just want to get pregnant asap, without giving much thought to how the baby’s health will turn out. Your baby’s health and predispositions are already predetermined by the 8th week of gestation, when many women are still unaware they are pregnant or they’ve just found out. By that stage it’s already too late to improve your baby’s health. Proper preparation and step by step guide to optimizing your health, egg and sperm quality in order to give your baby the best chances of optimal health, can be found here. You may also want to read some of these articles. I hope this helps and I wish you the healthiest baby possible.

17. I’m curious about detoxing. Is there information on detoxing in the program or will changing habits be enough to detox naturally? How do you know if you need to detox?

Yes, there is a whole section in the program dedicated to detoxing. Most of my clients who used the program and did the detox report feeling better than ever. Changing habits will help you avoid accumulating more toxins, but will not remove the toxins which have accumulated and are now stored in your tissue and bones. Those toxins need to be cleared using specific techniques and the program shows you how.

Unfortunately, these days environmental pollution (air, water, land) is widespread which means – as studies show – that even babies are being born with toxins in them. So as to your question – how do you know if you need to detox – just by living on this planet you should aim to detox at least once a year to ensure optimal health and particularly before conception. If you suffer from chronic conditions, have poor digestion, are foggy headed, get frequent colds, have allergies or auto-immune conditions, are constantly tired and lethargic or are depressed and fuzzy headed, you should definitely detox asap. I hope this helps.

18. What foods and herbs boost fertility?

You can find some of the answers here. For a detailed diet with specific foods and recipes, as well as herbs and supplements please go here. I hope this helps.

19. I had two ectopic pregnancies and have been told that only though IVF it will be possible to fall pregnant again. A month ago I had a miscarriage which was unsuspected and it all happened naturally. How is this possible, both of my tubes are removed?

Thanks for sharing your story. From scientific perspective if you’ve had both tubes removed, it seems impossible to conceive the natural way. Which is why your doctor said that you need IVF. However not everything in life can be explained with scientific perspective. What must have happened when you had a miscarriage, is your egg has somehow found it’s way to the uterus, either through gravity or some other unexplainable cause.

Unfortunately I can’t say you’ll be able to conceive using the natural fertility approach without the help of IVF. The natural fertility approach can help you optimize your health and the health of your eggs and your partner’s sperm to minimize the risk of a miscarriage, but it can’t help as to where the egg implants. I hope this helps.

20. How to treat a pituitary tumor and high prolactin naturally?

Tumors have been successfully treated naturally, both the benign and the malignant types. The main cause of tumors and cancers, from a natural medicine point of view, is undersupply of nutrients and oversupply of toxins. Once the pituitary tumor has been addressed naturally, the prolactin levels should start to normalize. I suggest that you start with a detox including food intolerance and heavy metal tests, followed by nutritional and herbal therapy. You should also aim for a healthy and balanced vegan or vegetarian diet. Animal diets are rich in toxins which make it hard to properly detox especially if tumors are already present. I hope this helps.

21. Why does hostile mucus kill sperm?

You can find your answer here. I hope it helps.

22. I’m afraid of trying anything new, I’ve been let down too many times before. I have been disappointed by surgery, acupuncture, herbs, chiropractic medicine, holistic doctors, yoga, lifestyle changes, diet changes, etc. I have tried SO MANY different things over the past several years to battle my endometriosis and fertility. Getting excited over another lifestyle change that presents itself as a guarantee gives me the fear of false hope. However, I’m still no-wheat, no-gluten, no-dairy; getting good sleep; getting okay exercise; and seeing an acupuncturist while taking herbs. I’m afraid that I’ll already be implementing most of what is recommended. I’m afraid that I’ll have my heart set and be disappointed in 6 months when I’m still not pregnant. I’m just plain scared and find it difficult to believe because of my previous and current experiences.

Thank you very much for sharing your story. First off I’d like to point out that natural treatment of endometriosis can take a long time of consistent use of herbal remedies, nutritional supplements and following the right diet. Endometriosis is closely linked to your thyroid and immunity. Therefore if those two aspects have not been tested and addressed properly none of the above treatments you listed could have fully helped the condition.

However my advice to you right now is to just LET GO as this pursuit for the answer is draining and disappointing you over and over. Take a break from it, give yourself permission to do other things and live your life the way you want it for some time. Go shopping, enroll in that course you’ve been wanting to do or go on that trip you’ve been wanting to take for a while, whatever is in your heart that hasn’t been fulfilled yet and it’s got nothing to do with endometriosis – do it!

Stop focusing on endometriosis and try to forget your endometriosis for the time being and renew your energy and love for life. Write a list of things which are good about you and your health, your unique talents and qualities and try to focus on them for the next little while. Then once your spirits are up and you feel strong within again, send me an email and I’ll help you the best I can. Use this affirmation when you wake up and just before going to sleep: “I give myself permission to be free of endometriosis”. Try it.

23. I’m in South Africa, where can I get your program?

You can get it here. You can be anywhere in the world, and you can still use my program, this is why I’ve made it only available online so that it’s accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.

24. Because the program and the bonuses are available electronically, makes me question whether it’s worth the $197?

Thanks for bringing this up. What do you get for $97? You get a program with detailed instructions on:

  • how overcome most causes of infertility naturally
  • how to prepare your body for pregnancy
  • what to eat, how to cook it, what to eat it out of, which supplements in what dosages to take, what herbs to use.
  • how to exercise and how not to exercise, how to optimize your sleep for optimal hormone production and conception.
  • how to time your most fertile time.
  • and much much more

You also get the three bonus books and reports all to do with fertility, pregnancy and babies, including fertility charts, shopping charts and lists, meal planner etc…

And you get a 13 week complementary fertility coaching with me via email, free fertility analysis with detailed instructions on what to do and how to tailor the program to your needs, recommendations and referrals for tests (if required) including my analysis of your tests results and recommendations, access to practitioner grade supplements and free email access to me for a full year for any questions regarding your fertility case. And if in spite of all of this you’re not pregnant after one year you can get your money back. The value of all what you are getting is over $1000. I’m not going to be able to keep offering this fertility system at this price for much longer because I already have so many clients it is becoming hard to justify keeping the price so low with the free coaching. I hope this clarifies what you are getting for only $197, the cost of one 40min consultation with a fertility specialist.

25. Do you have an affiliate program? I would like to cross-link with you.

Thanks for wanting to cross-link. You can find out about our affiliate program here. If you want to exchange links send me an email and I’ll give you the required details. Thanks.

What are your thoughts on these fertility questions and answers? Do you have any fertility questions yourself? I’d love to answer them, just add your questions as comments to this post and I’ll answer them personally.

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