Natural Ways to Increase Fertility – Stop Drinking Soda

Natural ways to increase fertilityOut of many natural ways to increase fertility in this article we’ll focus on one dominant factor – sodas!

These non alcoholic bubbly thirst quenchers come in many colors, flavors and sizes. And are the drink of choice for many.

Kids love them for their colors, names and variety of tastes. Once the kids grow up they’ll keep going back to their childhood drink of choice in adulthood. This is why today most people consume more sodas then water.

What’s the problem with sodas?

  1. They are usually loaded with sugar. A recent study published in the journal Diabetes Care found there was a 22% increased risk of developing gestational diabetes in women who drank 5 or more servings of sugar sweetened colas per week.
  2. A high intake of refined carbs, through the sugar found in sodas and colas will predispose you to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance, PCOS and anovulation go hand in hand.
  3. Sodas and colas are carbonated. Carbonated drinks leach calcium from your bones. You need calcium for health eggs and sperm, hormone balance, to protect you from excessive weight gain and for healthy pregnancy.
  4. Sugar-free variety colas and sodas are no safer. Artificial sweeteners used in sugar-free sodas (and most other sugar-free products) can have detrimental effect on your health and fertility. For more information see this article.
  5. Many sodas and colas contain caffeine. Caffeine is a natural plant insecticide which has been found to reduce fertility and predispose to miscarriages. For more information read this article.

Natural Ways to Increase Fertility

Hence, one of the natural ways to increase fertility is to stop drinking sodas and colas and start drinking 8 glasses of purified fresh water. If the bland taste of water is not your thing, add a few drops of lemon or lime or orange. If berries are in season crush couple of raspberries, blueberries or strawberries and add to your water – simple, inexpensive, healthy and delicious!

When it comes to sweetening your drinks and food, use honey or if you want to go sugar-free without any health and fertility hazards use Stevia! Stevia is a natural plant based sweetener extracted from the bark of the Stevia plant. You can get it in most health food shops.

Are you a big soda/cola drinker? Do you know of other natural ways to increase fertility? I would love to know your thoughts!

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About the Author: Iva Keene MRMed. ND. - Natural Fertility Specialist

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