How to Increase Male Fertility: Choices That Will Make Him More Fertile

One of the most common mistakes when trying to conceive is to overlook the importance of male fertility and knowing how to increase male fertility. Despite the relative simplicity of the male reproductive system, men’s infertility is responsible for nearly half of the couples seeking help conceiving. Many of these couples are struggling with low sperm count, abnormal sperm morphology (structure), poor motility and difficulty fertilizing the egg.

how to increase male fertility

How To Increase Male Fertility

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Drinking five or more drinks per day affects male sexual function. Excessive alcohol use causes abnormal sperm and decreased sperm count. It is also responsible for nutritional deficiencies which can prevent sperm production. Other effects of binge drinking include inadequate male hormone production, impotence and reduction of body and facial hair.

Cut Back On Caffeine

The results of studies on coffee and how to increase male fertility have been contradictory and have not come to any solid conclusions. Some studies find that sperm is able to move more rapidly after being treated with caffeine. Other studies conclude that increased abnormal sperm, decreased motility and poor sperm count resulted from caffeine consumption. However, if there are any sperm abnormalities present it's best to avoid caffeine altogether.

Quit Smoking

Cigarette smoking is responsible for a reduction in fertility. Men who use tobacco products have low sperm count, poor sperm motility, have sperm with abnormal structure and produce seminal fluid that is toxic to the sperm cells.

Avoid Recreational Drugs

There are many reasons to avoid using recreational drugs when you want to find out how to increase male fertility.  Marijuana is responsible for low sperm volume and premature accelerated movement by sperm, making fertilization difficult. The sperm cells are so sensitive to marijuana that even the amount secreted in the vaginal secretions of female marijuana smokers can cause this reaction, even if the man does not smoke.

Even for infrequent users, cocaine, heroin and ecstasy are responsible for substantial decreases in male fertility. These drug users have poor sperm motility, reduced sperm counts and abnormal structure.

Anabolic steroids, a drug derived from testosterone, significantly suppresses testosterone production. In addition to lower sperm count and abnormal sperm production, steroids may cause the testicles to atrophy and erectile dysfunction.

Try To Limit Exposure to Environmental Toxins

Unlike social drugs, avoiding environmental toxins can be very difficult. Mercury is a serious threat to male fertility and should be avoided when seeking how to increase male fertility. It is generally acquired from dental fillings, seafood and inhaling fumes inadvertently released into the air. Over the course of a lifetime, men accumulate mercury until they are unable to produce sperm that move effectively.

Electromagnetic (EM) radiation has only recently been brought to the attention of health care providers. These waves are leaked from many appliances including microwaves, cell phones and computers. Using a front pocket to hold a cell phone, rather than a purse or briefcase, will lower sperm count and viability. This radiation will lower sperm count, cause abnormal morphology and poor motility.

How to Increase Male Fertility and Avoid These Toxins?

  1. Alcohol and recreational drugs are possible to avoid, though social situations may make it awkward or uncomfortable to abstain. Recovering from addiction can be challenging. Support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous can help the transition go more smoothly.
  2. Coffee is socially acceptable and easily available, making giving it up difficult. Speak to your naturopathic doctor about whether this is necessary if it is especially challenging.
  3. Restrict your seafood consumption to species of fish and shellfish that are known to be low in mercury. Avoiding or replacing silver dental fillings can remove a major source of mercury as well. Beyond that, it is difficult to avoid mercury gases in the environment. However, should you suspect heavy metal toxicity speak to your naturopathic doctor about having your heavy metals tested and if necessary chelated.
  4. EM radiation is everywhere in our society. The best we can hope for is to minimize the damage. Keep cell phones in a briefcase or jacket pocket, rather than in the pants pockets. When speaking, use a wired headset rather than holding the phone to your ear or using Bluetooth headphones. Place large household electronics with the back against a wall, rather than pointing toward a place where people congregate. Use an EM shield such as this one.
Fortunately for anybody concerned with how to increase male fertility, men produce new sperm constantly. It takes approximately three months for them to develop, so for those seeking how to increase male fertility, it’s never too late to improve sperm quality and quantity.
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