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Varicocele Treatment Natural Treatment Or Varicocele Surgery?

testis anatomy

Article Overview Varicoceles and Male InfertilityVaricocele Surgery and Other Medical ProceduresVaricocele Treatment Without Surgery9 Varicocele Natural Treatment TipsIt Is Possible to Treat Varicoceles Naturally! Similar to varicose veins found in the leg, a varicocele is also an enlarged vein, but in the scrotum. Because varicoceles are common in men, I am seeing more and more […]

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3 Ways to Get Pregnant Fast

Article Overview Here Are Three Ways to Get Pregnant Fast1. Preconception Care2. Minimize Radiation Exposure3. Beware of Calorie RestrictionWhat About Younger People with Bad Habits? When couples come to see me one of the first things they ask is: “What are some ways to get pregnant fast and when can we start?” Speed seems to […]

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Sperm Donor? Boost Your Fertility First

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Sperm donors are in high demand. I keep reading about sperm shortages and calls for sperm donation. Some women opt for sperm donation if they don’t have a suitable partner. However for many this choice is brought on by a fertility condition or by a hereditary disease, parents don’t wish to pass on to their baby.

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Male Fertility Decline – Are They an Endangered Species?

Male fertility has been declining ever since the 50s. So much so that the WHO (World Health Organization) had to lower the values for normal sperm count levels as otherwise most men would test infertile today.

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Boost Your Natural Fertility For Preparation Before IVF

Are you planning to undergo IVF in the near future? Did you know that taking steps in preparation before IVF to optimize your natural fertility in advance may be one of the best investments in time and effort you’ve ever made? Many couples decide to throw their hands up in the air when the IVF […]

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How to Increase IVF Success Rate – Preparing For IVF

Article Overview It Is Possible to Be Successful After Only One IVF CycleA Soap Bubble or a Balloon?A Trillion CellsHow Do They Do This?And This Is so Crucial for You to UnderstandPoor Egg and Sperm Quality Is the Number One Cause of a Low IVF Success Rate According to studies, actively preparing for IVF may […]

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Low Sperm Motility? Stop Drinking Beer

Article Overview What Is Low Sperm Motility and How Can It Affect Your Fertility?Common Causes of Low Sperm Motility in MenLow Sperm Motility Can Result in MiscarriageHow Does Alcohol Do This?How can I boost my fertility?4 Ways to Boost Fertility and Have Normal Sperm Motility, Sperm CountFinal Advice I’m sorry guys, I don’t mean to […]

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Poor Male Fertility Test Result? – How to Make Your Sperm Stronger

Article Overview The Male Fertility TestPoor Sperm Health and LifestyleSperm AnalysisSo What should a normal sperm look like?How to increase male fertility? My Pregnancy rule of thumbConsider Male Fertility Testing The male fertility test is being requested in greater numbers than ever before. Clearly something is not quite right; men’s sperm counts have been on […]

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Cause of Male Infertility Linked to Urine

Could the cause of male infertility problems be linked to female urine? The International Federation of Catholic Medical Association recently blamed the rise in male infertility problems on female urine containing residues of oral contraceptive – the pill. This sparked a debate and was dismissed by a Contraceptive Research Association, claiming that the excess estrogen observed […]

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Natural Fertility Treatment – Because You Owe it to Your Future Baby

Natural Fertility Treatment? Natural What? Recently I was contacted by a TV station in the US. They’re doing a show on infertility treatments and found my website. The show producer rang me to have a chat about natural fertility treatment as he hadn’t heard of it and wanted to know exactly what it was. As […]

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Fertility Questions and Answers

In my recent survey you asked some great fertility questions. Thanks for asking these questions as some apply to many others. So here are the answers, but before we dive into the fertility questions and answers, remember I’d be delighted to work with you personally. So feel free to email me, I’d love to help […]

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10 Ways to Address Your Root Common Causes of Infertility — Naturally

Infertility affects more couples than ever. 1 out of 6 couples today experience difficulty falling pregnant. What was once seen as a woman’s problem is now known to affect men equally. But what are the common causes of infertility and what can be done to address them naturally? But isn’t there IVF to fall back […]

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How to Increase Male Fertility with Selenium


Article overview What Is ‘Male Factor Infertility’?What is Selenium?Selenium’s Functions:Selenium Deficiency Can Lead to InfertilitySelenium and Fertility: What Causes Selenium Deficiency?How to Increase Male Fertility with Selenium?What’s the Recommended Daily Intake of Selenium?Other Ways to Increase Male Fertility: 6 Ways With male infertility on the rise – contributing to as much as 40% to 50% […]

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Could You Have a Sperm Allergy to Your Partner?

Stronger sperm on conception process

Sperm allergy is not something that springs to mind when you are unsuccessfully trying to conceive. When you contemplate having a baby the first thing that springs to mind for most people is the reproductive system. Sperm AllergyYou may think of your hormones, egg and sperm quality and ponder some of your lifestyle habits. But the one thing that may never cross your mind is your immune system and the possibility of having a sperm allergy.

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EM Radiation and Fertility – 10 Steps to Protect Your Eggs and Sperm

Modern technology allows us to defrost a chicken in no time, make a phone call in the middle of nowhere, and multitask into the wee hours of the morning on our beloved PC… while this may make our life easier and save us time, it is costing us our fertility, for these helpers all emit electromagnetic radiation which targets the eggs and sperm.

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